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Scuba Travel is a growing travel company with great drive and we have high demands on ourselves and our partners. Everything to arrange trips with a focus on quality and experiences. The company has its origins in a great desire for travel and adventure and a great love for the sea and is part of the Intoit Travel Group.
Our focus since the beginning was to have "hands on" experience for the destinations we sell. This is to be able to offer our customers good quality, service and memories for life. We are flexible according to the customer's wishes and in addition to diving, we can also put together adventure packages in some destinations that give excitement and tingles in the stomach. We offer diving trips for all levels from beginners to technical divers.

Collaborative partners' diving trips

  • PH Travel – is a diving tour operator with extensive experience in the diving industry and with solid knowledge of diving in the world. PH Travel is owned by Scuba Travel and makes joint group trips as well as its own travel arrangements. Liveaboarding and diving trips to remote destinations such as the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and several others are some special destinations.
  • Dive Travel Finland – is Finland's largest organizer of diving trips to the whole world. As well as trips to the Maldives and Egypt as well as more distant destinations such as the Galapagos and Cocos Island. Scuba Travel works intimately and closely with Dive Travel Finland and sometimes we do joint group trips.

Intoit Travel Group

Intoit Travel Group consists of niche tour operators who, with passion, knowledge and extensive experience, create trips, meetings and experiences for our guests. The companies that, including Scuba Travel, are part of the Intoit Travel Group are:
  • Scuba Travel – the diving trips you dream of. Scuba Travel arranges diving trips all over the world. Land-based trips and liveaboard. Scuba Travel has the perfect diving trip for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver.
  • Hummingbird Group & Conference – Specialists in creating successful communication and building relationships with experiences, meetings & trips as tools. Every year, Hummingbird arranges around a hundred meetings and conference trips, always tailored to the customer's needs. Contact Hummingbird Group & Conference to create your next conference trip or event.
  • Hummingbird Life Style Travel - Hummingbird is a specialist in travel to exotic locations and cruises all over the world. The Caribbean/West Indies, Seychelles, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius as well as Australia and New Zealand are some of our main specialist areas. We have made countless trips of our own to these areas and are passionate about getting the chance to arrange your next trip here.
  • More Sailing – the expert on sailing trips worldwide. Sail in Croatia or in Greece, in the Caribbean or across the Atlantic. More sailing has the sailing trips for those of you who want to sail on your own and for those of you who prefer to have a crew.
  • African Tours & Safaris – the expert on trips to Africa since 2007. Are you dreaming of a trip to South Africa, a safari in Tanzania or Kenya or perhaps experiencing magical and exotic Madagascar? Let African Tours & Safaris arrange the safari trip for you.
  • Hunting trips with Waidmann - Waidmann is a travel organizer of complete hunting trips where travel, accommodation and food are included in the price. It should be easy to go on a hunting trip, and you should know what is included. We at Waidmann are committed to wilderness experiences and hunting – our goal is to always deliver hunting experiences of the highest quality. We arrange hunting trips to all corners of the world. 
  • Outside Travels - Outside Travels is an organizer of fishing trips. With great passion for nature and unique fishing experiences, we are expanding to offer fly fishing, spin fishing and sea fishing trips where the fishing is at its best.
  • Star Karaoke – Regardless of whether you sing professionally or alone in the shower, you are welcome to Gothenburg's funnest karaoke bar. Gather the whole gang and book your private studio. Our motto "With us, everyone is a star".

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