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Environmental Commitment

Scuba Travel - a climate neutral company

Please read about our environmental commitment below.  

Scuba Travel - a Climate Neutral company

As a diver, you are probably a nature lover, just as we are here at Scuba Travel. We get to experience the wonderful world under the surface when we go diving, and we know that is is one of the best places in the world to visit!

Unfortunately, as a direct effect of human activities we are experiencing global warming. For example by increased carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but also through deforestation (causing less CO2 to be absorbed by trees). Of the total amount of CO2 emissions, that of air travel is estimated to ca 3%, and of the total emssions in Sweden, it is closer to 4-5% (according to LFV.se). This precentage is predicted to increase significantly in the next 15 years. So, what can we do to contribute to hitting the breaks on this trend? Luckily, there is actually a lot we can do!

Did you know that Scuba Travel makes sure our office and staff activities are climate neutral? 

And did you know that when you travel with us, we make sure your flight is 100% climate compensated, at no extra charge to you?

Internally at Scuba Travel, all activities of our staff, eg staff trips, materials used, electricity and heating at the office, are climate compensated as of 2017. This clime compensation, as well as that of your flight, is done through a collaboration with South Pole. The projects we support are: the Paradigm project in Kenya and the REDD+ Forest Protection in Zimbabwe.

Paradigm project in Kenya - This multi-technology project distributes both efficient cookstoves and water purification devices to local communities in Kenya. Its aim is to provide safe water and clean indoor air to improve livelihoods in East Africa, while at the same time preventing deforestation.

REDD+ Forest Protection in Zimbabwe - Since its launch in 2011, the Kariba REDD+ project has prevented more than 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from emission into the atmosphere by preventing deforestation and land degradation in an area of nearly 785,000 hectares. The project also continues to support regional sustainable development, and the independence and wellbeing of local communities.


Scuba Travel is supporting WWF

We support, as part of Corporate Club, the World Wildlife Fund and their important work for the environment, both here in Sweden and in other parts of the world.  

Our support contributes to making sure thatt the WWF can cpntinue their work of protecting our biological diversity, reduce pollution and unsustainable consuption, as well as work towards a sustainable use of our renewable natural resources. If you want to contribute, find out more via this link .


Scuba Travel's Mission 2020 Pledge

We pledge to steer travellers and divers towards businesses committed to sustainable practices. Since 2017, our office has been carbon neutral and our staff pledge to avoid using single-use-plastic From 2019 all of our guests flights will also be climate-compensated, funded by Scuba Travel Scandinavia.

Read more about the initiative here.

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