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Who is Patrik?

My great passion in life is animals of all kinds, and especially animals in the ocean. I learnt to snorkel before I learnt to swim, so this environment feels natural to me. My diving career started in the Maldives back in 1989 on the little island of Ranali. After the first dive I made a decision: this is what I will commit my life to! I took every course I could take in the upcoming years, in order to be able to enjoy this environment to the fullest. In 1992, I became a PADI dive instructor and later I converted over to NAUI. I started taking underwater pictures back in 1990, and I bought my first camera in 1992. Ever since then I have taken pictures and videos under the surface of the ocean. I ran a dive center on the island of Gotland in Sweden for several years. In the end of the 90s I started a national event called the Treasure Hunt.

Countries that I have visited and taken underwater pictures in are the following: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Maldives, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Palau, Barbados, Philippines and Bali.

Patrik's upcoming group trips:

  • Maldives - October 2019

T +46 (0) 301 22100   E   Skype scubatravel

Fabriksgatan 13, 412 50 Gothenburg, Sweden


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