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Who's Alex?

The passion for traveling and discovering new places and especially underwater has always driven me. Getting to explore around the next corner is something most divers are very familiar with. You really want to just dive around the next edge of the reef to see a little more. I started diving in the early 90's and have basically been photographing since the first dive. As early as 1995, I took my DiveMaster and then worked at a diving center in Sweden, Spain and on a Liveaboard in the Red Sea S / Y Amorina.

During military service I took the opportunity to do something useful of the time so I applied for mine diving and came in and was 1 of 3 persons my year who became approved mine diver and dived a lot around Gotland then. Tech diving I started very late with but is today Full Cave DPV eCCR divers and MOD 3 and make many deep and long cold water dives with pleasure. Preferably far into mines in Sweden.

For the past 17 years, I have traveled about 10-20v a year as it is part of me and my job as a full-time photographer in advertising and fashion but now mostly underwater. At the studio I worked for, I was also responsible for travel for the staff and took e.g. 40 people to Jordan and lots of other fun experiences. I have also always been a tour guide among my childhood friends and always given us all the best possible experience.

The first trip I will represent goes to Palau with exciting wreck dives and extreme drift dives with lots of sharks! Join in and get the experience of your life at the same time as you get the opportunity to develop as an underwater photographer with me as a sounding board.


Alex's previous group trips:

Alex's upcoming group trips:

  • Palau

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Fabriksgatan 13, 412 50 Gothenburg, Sweden


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