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Who is Jennie?

I took my first breath underwater in 1996 in the Baltic Sea and was instantly hooked. I loved the feeling of being in this new and exciting environment, and I still do. Be it sharks, nudibranchs or photography, I am continuously attending courses to better my understanding. I have studied marine biology and fish physiology and have a strong passion for conservation, the environment and all marine life in general.

I have spent several intense seasons working as a dive guide and course assistant on day-boats, as well as on liveaboards in the Red Sea, Thailand - Similan and Surin Islands, Greece and the Canary Islands. It was during this time that I came into contact with several fantastic photographers and traditional camera equipment. I learned my basic picture-taking skills with a Nikonos back in 1999. It wasn’t until a decade later that I got really serious about it and bought a Canon dSLR, which today I have exchanged for a Nikon. I am rarely seen diving without it.

I have been a chairperson of the underwater photo committee for the Swedish Diving Federation, and proudly represented my country as team captain in the 13th CMAS World Underwater Photo Championships in Bodrum, Turkey. The committee works to develop rules for competitions, material for courses, as well as it organize workshops and competitions. I have also served as a judge in the Nordic Championships and for other UW-photo competitions.

My day job includes being an aquarium technician at ”Havets hus”, where I tend to a saltwater aquarium that preserves two endangered species from the West Coast seas of Sweden, the Lesser Spotted Dogfish and Thornback Ray.

I am honoured to be one of Scuba Travel Scandinavia’s ambassadors. The expeditions that I attend normally have a theme, such as UW-photography or marine biology. After 17 years of diving around the world, in tropical waters and in the temperate Nordic region, I have a fair amount of knowledge that I love to pass on to my fellow divers. I enjoy spending the evenings talking about composition, or looking in books to determine species. I advocate to dive with respect for our oceans and everything that lives in it, and would rather pass up a great photo opportunity, than take a picture that might negatively impact the surrounding environment.

One of my favourite destinations is the Philippines. With its rich marine life and fantastic opportunities to study even the tiniest animals close up, either through a lens or with the plain eye, it is pretty much unbeatable!

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Upcoming trips with Jennie:

  • North Sulawesi, Indonesia - October 2019

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