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Who is Magnus?

Magnus has more than 20 years experience in planning and leading expeditions as well as educating people in photography and UW photography. “It has always been my goal to help expedition members at their own level, so that my advice and tips can give an instant result”. On his ambassador trips, Magnus is there as your own Photo Pro.

Magnus is a professional photographer and journalist specializing in marine and freshwater environments, making the whole world his office. He is a sought after speaker with aquatic conservation, nature photography and marine adventures as his favourite subjects to present. Magnus is the driving force behind one of the world's largest communication projects regarding nature and environmental conservation known as Wild Wonders of Europe which has reached more than 800 million people. Together with Staffan Widstrand, he is now starting up Wild Wonders of China, something that can be even larger than WWE. Magnus has also founded and is a board member of the charity Wild Wonders Foundation, and a proud member of Naturfotograferna/N.

Magnus' list of international awards and publications is long, stretching over several decennium. He is most proud of his awards from the competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year that he received in London and from the European Wild Photographer of the Year in Lünen. In 2011 Magnus was awarded the prestiges title "European Wildlife Photograper of the year" in the underwater class for his picture of a sail fish spearing through a school of sardines. In the largest, worldwide competition in underwater photography Magnus is currently ranked number three. In 2014 Magnus won the Arne Schmitz Conservation Prize because “The award winner is an outstanding multi award-winning photographer with the world’s oceans as his working field. Magnus receives the prize because his images and texts create great understanding and interest in the ocean and its organisms – small and large – and therefore, in the same spirit as Arne Schmitz, he promotes conservation of marine diversity and sustainable marine environments.”

Magnus has represented Sweden in three World Championships in UW photography, and won the silver medal in Mauritius in 2007. He has been working as a professional photographer for decades.

Travellers comments:

“Travelling with Magnus is something I can recommend to everybody, even those of you who might not be super photographers and have the largest and most advanced camera gear (I, myself, is more of a “videographer-light” and my GoPro cameras (Hero 3+, 4 Black and 5 Black) are my best friends and companions. Magnus is not just a fantastic photographer and educational in his presentations and explanations, but also makes photography and editing interesting, even for those of us who does not have it as a great interest. He is in addition to this an unusually nice guy to travel with and offers a great many laughs. I will travel with Magnus again, guaranteed."
- Johan Welander, travelled with Magnus to the Bahamas in 2017

”Magnus who is nice, knowledgable and incredibly helpful delivered well prepared presentations in UW photography and editing [...] Thank you, Magnus, for taking my photography to the next level!”
- Jörgen Lorenzson, travelled with Magnus to the Bahamas in 2017

Upcoming trips with Magnus:

  • Expedition Galapagos - November 2018
  • Tiger Beach Bahamas - februari 2019
  • Maldives - March 2019
  • Expedition Galapagos - October 2019

T +46 (0) 301 22100   E   Skype scubatravel

Fabriksgatan 13, 412 50 Gothenburg, Sweden


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