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The Bahamas is wonderful for those who want to go on a diving trip and with exciting diving and the focus here in the Bahamas is almost always hajar. Join us on a very special adventure to the holy grail of shark diving with scuba diving in the Bahamas, Caribbean. Here there are many different species to experience, but the focus is on diving with the legendary tiger shark. There are also good chances of seeing the mythical great hammerhead shark. But there is lots of other good diving too and nice reefs with lots of fish.

North of Grand Bahama is Tiger Beach. The area is widely known for its clear and calm waters and is considered by professional photographers and videographers to be the absolute best shark destination in the world for just a liveaboard.
Nowhere else can you experience shark diving as close and intimate as here. Although it is possible to see sharks up close in many places in the world, a diving trip to the Bahamas is something very special.

Sharks, sharks, sharks

Here you will meet tiger, hammerhead, lemon, nurse and Caribbean reef sharks. If luck is on your side, there may be even more species. Bull sharks and the great hammerhead shark sometimes come in here too. An encounter with a great hammerhead shark is pure magic. It is a fish that can be close to two meters high with the fin and over six meters long. In addition, you have lemon sharks and tiger sharks that, like large pets, will come right up and lie on your lap and then swim on as if nothing happened. It is also possible to do night dives and imagine sitting here with several really big sharks around you but which you only see if the light from your diving light hits them so you can see them.

Your diving trip here to the Bahamas and Tiger Beach is arranged so that you fly first to the USA where you must stay at least one night. You then board your liveaboard in West Palm Beach, Florida. The captain then sets course for Grand Bahama and Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. The following morning, you are expected to be there at sunrise and then you have a full week of exciting shark diving ahead of you. The week then ends with the boat taking you back to the US where you disembark in the morning before the journey home or your continuing program begins. An adventure with shark diving in the Bahamas is a truly nerve-wracking diving adventure but at the same time a fantastic nature experience.

There is regular diving as well

For those of you who want a more traditional liveaboard, it works great too. Here there are tours that offer diving on wrecks, reefs and with lots of fish. It is possible to start your liveaboard directly from the Bahamas without flying via the USA just as well for you who are looking for a more "normal" diving cruise. Take a look at our liveaboards and you will see the different types of diving cruises on offer.

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