Northwest Bali Menjangan 

  • Menjangan Island and the protected areas offer fantastic diving sites
  • Excellent for combining diving, culture and relaxation
  • A perfect place to learn to dive

Northwest Bali and Menjangan have retained their charm and traditional culture. Here you will find many of the historic temples of Bali as well as friendly and helpful people who welcome you to their grounds. The locals will help you and give you an unforgettable experience.

The area around Pemuteran Bay and Menjangan Bay generally has less rain than other parts of Bali. It is protected by high mountains which provide a more pleasant slightly cooler climate and is not so humid. This is a perfect place for your vacation during the rainy season. Driving here, you'll pass some of Bali's vast rice paddy fields and slowly wind your way towards your destination. If you then continue east towards Bali's second largest city, Singaraja, you will pass places with waterfalls and historic temples. A good way to experience northwest Bali for a few days is to book one of ours diving safaris. Then you combine similar dive sites in Bali. 

For those who want to warm up on their diving trip before a liveaboard and diving cruise in Indonesia could a few nice days here in northwest Bali be a good start to test the camera and balance.

About the diving around Menjangan

  • Several dive sites within easy reach
  • Beautiful protected reefs full of macro life
  • Easy diving and family friendly diving

Menjangan Island and the award-winning Biorock project in Pemuteran Bay, make this perhaps one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in Bali. The sea is free of currents here and offers safe and refreshing opportunities to explore and discover the underwater reefs. Out at Menjangan marine park you have perhaps Bali's finest coral reef. Here there are exciting tunnels, overhangs and walls to dive at. Closer to the coast there is also diving near the mangroves with a slightly odd marine life. Up here on the northwest part is also Secret Bay which is a shallow bay but usually very limited visibility but with an exciting marine macro life.