Tulamben and Seraya, Bali, diving in Indonesia

  • Easy to make excursions to local villages or out into the beautiful nature
  • Perfect for families
  • Good starting point for those who want to learn to dive

Tulamben and Seraya in Bali are probably Bali's most famous diving area. Tulamben in Bali is a small fishing village in northeast Bali and is a perfect place for those who want to go to Bali to dive. There are several dive sites just a short drive away as well. Here is also the site of its own wreck, the USS Liberty which sank in 1963. Tulamben is right next to the sea and is lined with volcanic beaches created by the nearby volcano Mt Agung.

If you are a family that is hungry for adventure, then we can really recommend Tulamben. In addition, it is a good place if someone in the family wants to learn to dive. There are several dive sites here that are easy for beginners. If it is precisely a diving course that is in focus, then we recommend that you stay at Bali Dive Resort & Spa. They have a pool and their own house reef where you can easily and easily make your first dives. The resort is also Swedish-run, which gives you the opportunity to have a Swedish instructor/guide. 

Seraya, which is just a few minutes away by car or boat, offers fantastic muck diving and the bottoms here are buzzing with life. The best way to get to varied dive sites is to go out by boat, but you can also find many dive sites directly from land. Seraya secrets is a concept that arose from the diving here which is absolutely fantastic and especially for those of you who like to see strange animal species and take photos. There are also several other good resorts in the area if you are looking for alternatives. Feel free to combine Bali with other places in Indonesia for your diving trip and vacation. We have a lot to offer.

About the diving around Tulamben

  • Many dive sites in close proximity
  • Wrecks, corals and pelagic species
  • The famous wreck USS Liberty

Several of our resorts are located around the diving destination Tulamben, and from here there are plenty of diving sites within a 30-minute radius. They are well suited for both diving, snorkeling and freediving. Tulamben is best known for the wreck of the USS Liberty. She was a 120 meter steam cargo ship which in 1942 was shelled by the Japanese navy and towed to Tulamben for repairs. Once on the beach, she took in water and remained lying alone until the year 1963. Then the Agung volcano had a major eruption that broke the USS Liberty's bow and stern and she slipped into deeper water. The wreck is today about 30 meters from the beach at a depth between 5 and 30 meters. Around the wreck there is a rich marine life with coral in all its forms as well as rays, triggerfish, pufferfish, dragonfish, bumphead parrotfish, clownfish, scorpionfish, emperor fish, barracuda and even sharks. The wreck has several penetration possibilities and swim through.

Tulamben also has a lot to offer, here is the spectacular slope of Batu Kelibit, beautiful wall diving and colorful coral gardens. The Amed dive site is only 20 minutes away and offers great current dives, impressive coral reefs and the chance to see large pelagic species. Unfortunately there are none liveaboard which runs in Bali but all dive sites can be reached from land and day trips.