About Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

  • Bali's cultural capital
  • Perfect for a few days in combination with your diving holiday
  • A perfect place for relaxation and experiences

Ubud is located in the heart of Bali, Indonesia and is known for traditional crafts, yoga, culture and dance. The city is only about an hour's drive north of the airport in a slightly cooler mountain area.

Ubud used to be a small picturesque craft village with dirt roads and a few accommodations. Today it is a medium-sized city that is buzzing with life and tourism. Many go here only for the day to take part in the rich cultural life and fine craftsmanship here. This traditional small town was once home to one of Bali's royal families. Here you can actually visit the palace in the center of the city that became even more popular after the movie "Eat, pray, love," with Julia Roberts. 

Ubud in Bali is surrounded by rainforest and rice terraces. Here, part of the old traditional Bali lives on despite tourism. Many temples and shrines are everywhere here and the city is today among Bali's most visited and most famous landscapes.

Lots of shops and eateries

Ubud is also home to many great restaurants and cafes. Here there are streets with shops where many sell locally produced handicrafts by the region's artists. A visit to the Monkey forest is always popular with visitors. Hold cameras and wallets only. Today, the monkeys are good at bartering, an exchange of a camera for a fruit or nuts happens pretty much every day here.

Ubud is a wonderful addition to your vacation and diving trip. Take the opportunity to relax for a few days and experience the stillness that still exists here. Fantastic resorts and accommodation are available here in Ubud and many of the resorts are located along the valleys. Here you can enjoy a lovely view from the terrace, balcony or infinity pool. Contact us to book a few nice days in Ubud in connection with yours live board or diving trip, we will arrange it.