Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, is an atoll in Micronesia in the North Pacific Ocean. The Marshall Islands consist of a total of 31 atolls, of which five are larger, and 1152 islands in two island groups. The Ralik Islands, where Bikini Atoll is located, in the west consist of about 18 atolls and islands and the eastern group of Rataköarna which consists of about 16 atolls and islands. The total area of ​​the country is only 181 square kilometers while the total area of ​​the country is about 1 square kilometers.

The islands consist of coral limestone and sand. The larger islands have been formed by coral reefs that have grown up around sunken volcanoes. The islands are often hit by hurricanes and tidal waves and they lie within the northern trade wind belt. No point is higher than 10 meters above sea level. During January - May it is often very windy here and diving is not normally offered in Bikini.

The islands are named* after the British explorer John Marshall, who arrived in the islands in 1788. Since 1874, the islands have been under Spanish, German, Japanese and American administration. On May 1, 1979, the Marshall Islands became an autonomous republic and an agreement of free association with the United States. In the years following World War II, 1946–1958, the United States conducted a series of nuclear weapons tests on the atolls of Bikini and Enewatak. These samples are perhaps what made Bikini Atoll most famous today.

The wrecks in Bikini or the nuclear fleet in the Marshall Islands

During the tests conducted here during Operation Crossroads, a total of 95 target ships were used which were assembled in Bikini Lagoon. The target fleet consisted of four obsolete American battleships, two aircraft carriers, two cruisers, thirteen destroyers, eight submarines, a large number of auxiliary ships and amphibious ships, and three derelict German and Japanese ships. Many ships sank immediately and several were destroyed and later sunk or transported to other locations.

Among the most famous and popular wrecks today in Bikini are Prinz Eugen, Nagato Lamson, Anderson, Arkansas, Carlisle, Pilotfish and Apogon but there are more exciting wrecks. Perhaps the most famous of the "Nuclear Fleet" and the wreck that is the very signature of Bikini is undoubtedly the USS Saratoga

If you want to do a liveaboard and experience the fantastic wrecks here, it is entirely possible you contact us. This is a diving trip and liveaboard for those of you who love wreck diving and have a little more experience. If you love to dive on wrecks and can stand a long trip here, diving trips to Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands are perhaps the ultimate adventure during your diving career. This is absolutely fantastic wreck diving.


*The creator of the bikini swimwear named it after this atoll.

Travel information Bikini, Marshall Islands

  • Time zone: +12 GMT
  • Currency: US dollars, many also accept credit cards.
  • Languages: Marshallese and English.
  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water and ice made from tap water. Buy bottled water instead
  • Visa: Not required for trips of less than 30 days, but you need to register for ESTA no later than 72 hours before departure, as Guam or Honolulu that you pass by air are considered US territory.
  • Health: Contact your local vaccination clinic for advice. There are no tropical diseases here.
  • Pressure chamber: There is no pressure chamber on Bikini. The nearest pressure chamber is on Kwajalein Island on a US Army base and it is a long way there by boat. Treatment in chambers is an expensive story so make sure you have insurance that covers this.
  • Country code: +692
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volts and US electrical outlets.
  • Weather: The Marshall Islands have a tropical climate with 27-29°C year round and about the same in the water. Dry period between January to May has windy weather. Rainy season is normally between May and December.
  • Current water temperature and average sea temperature per month
  • Clothing recommendations: So-called casual clothing is accepted on the boat and resort. Women should wear a slightly longer skirt or shorts when visiting the local villages.
  • Airport tax: USD 20 (subject to change without notice)