Liveaboard in Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands

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Bikini Atoll or Bikini in the Marshall Islands is an island in Pacific and Micronesia where you can experience a liveaboard in Bikini Atoll. A fantastic adventure for those who love to dive on wrecks. However, the wrecks that can be dived here are deep, which is why experience and training are required for diving to at least 50 meters. Not everyone can go here on a liveaboard and diving trips to Bikini. The wrecks are all at least 50 meters apart and several of the wrecks are large. The largest and signature wreck in Bikini is the USS Saratoga or "Sister Sara" which is 270 meters long. A maximum of 2 dives a day are offered as it is a long way to the pressure chamber. You and everyone diving must have at least 4 hours between your dives. In addition, you want there to be plenty of time in the afternoons to ventilate. 

Operation crossroads

Bikini is still contaminated from the nuclear weapons tests that were conducted here between 1946 and 1958. Operation Crossroads which were the first two nuclear weapons to be conducted and tested sank several of the 95 ships brought here for the tests. Only five people live today on Bikini, so the only possibility to dive on the fantastic wrecks that can be found here today is by staying on a live board. You'll be pretty much alone on these historic wrecks that rest here today. 

In addition to all the historic wrecks with both ships and planes, there is also the opportunity to experience different species of shark. Sharks especially patrol out on the reefs but sometimes also around the wrecks which also attract a lot of fish. For those of you who love wreck diving, this is perhaps one of the world's best dive sites. For those of you who like to dive technical diving, this is of course the ultimate. You really get to experience something completely unique. Documentation and proof of training and experience is required of all who go on a diving trip and liveaboard here. 

Operation Crossroads - "Nuclear Fleet"

Operation Crossroads refers to the nuclear weapons tests that were conducted here in Bikini Atoll. The highly controversial tests were not entirely successful in several ways. Today, there are probably hundreds of column meters written about these tests and the history surrounding them. There is a lot even about the wrecks that are here today. It is only in recent years that it has become possible to carry out a liveaboard to Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands. There is already evidence of how it has already given many divers fantastic experiences. Many go here and dive again. The wrecks are not only exciting to dive on, they are also places of remembrance and graves. A diving trip here should therefore be taken with all respect. There are also several large wrecks and they can be dived many times to get an idea and a more complete picture of them.

If you want to combine your diving trip and have a few nice days on land in connection with your diving trip and liveaboard, it is fine to combine. You can stay in Truk Lagoon or or build on your program to travel further. Guam or Filippi Erna are some examples. However, the liveaboard that runs here is adapted to the flights to and from Hawaii, so flying via the USA is perhaps the most natural. Contact us for your wishes, we will make a proposal for that as well.

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