About land-based diving Cayman Islands

Land-based diving in the Cayman Islands has something for all divers whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver. The diving is generally similar to that found in the Caribbean with the same species of fish and coral. The best diving sites are on the west side of Grand Cayman Island and diving is easily accessible from land and boat. Little Cayman is also good, but it is liveaboard there that counts. It is so that you can combine your vacation with diving and accommodation from land on Grand Cayman Island with one live board in this part of The Caribbean.  

Plenty of varied dive sites

Some of the dive sites nearby are for example: 

  • Bonnier's arch at a depth of 20 meters max. This location has a beautiful arch that provides wonderful photo/video opportunities. Sometimes you find seahorses here. Angelfish are common in this area. 
  • Trinity Caves/Round Rock, this location has a nice swim through through a small passage of about 20 meters. Further down the reef you will find the famous Trinity Caves, with several long tunnels and openings. Trinity Caves has been the subject of many photographs for various diving magazines.
  • Stingray City, this dive site hardly needs description. It is probably the world's most famous 4 meter dive. Stingray City is home to the many southern stingrays that pass the time playing for divers. It's a "must" dive.
  • Kittiwake is a former submarine rescue vessel located at a depth of 20 meters and only 5 meters from the surface. This makes her ideal for both divers and snorkelers. You can swim above and see the ship's main deck as well as take a look down the chimney that opens right down to the bottom of the hull and engine rooms. There are an awful lot of rooms to explore in this wreck.