DeepSee Cocos Island, Submarine in Costa Rica
Currently not available as the boat is chartered by National Geographic

Take the opportunity to go with DeepSee here at Cocos Island and experience the deep sea. You have the opportunity to go down to a depth of 300 meters. The DeepSee is a sleek custom-built submarine with a sphere that makes it look like it's straight out of a James Bond movie. It is exceptionally agile and navigates precisely just inches from rocks and reefs. While causing no disturbance to the marine environment. DeepSee can descend to a maximum depth of 450 meters. It has plenty of room for a pilot and two passengers to travel comfortably.

The boat's clear acrylic bubble blends into the surrounding environment. It allows you and other passengers to get close to the creatures outside. The view is unparalleled. The 3 inch thick sphere virtually disappears when submerged in water. It gives an astonishing feeling of total freedom with a 360-degree field of view.

A fantastic adventure

Not so long ago, deep sea exploration was reserved for an elite group of scientists and military personnel. Now adventure travelers can push the boundaries of ocean exploration and take this amazing journey to the edge of light aboard the DeepSee craft. 

It is equipped with high-definition 4K video and still cameras, as well as a variety of LED lights. It also has a fully articulated robotic arm for collecting samples or retrieving scientific instruments. Passengers are welcome to use their own video and still cameras at the same time and film through the submarine's clear acrylic sphere.

DeepSee has facilitated the discovery of several seamounts and deep vertical ridges, as well as species not previously seen on Cocos (including an entire coral family completely new to science, Aquaumbra Klapferi). The strange and prehistoric-like Ateleopodid (Guentherus altivela), also known as jelly fish, is one of many creatures found at such incredible depths. There are also two species of deep-sea sharks here: The spotted (Echinirhinos cookei) and the spotted tooth shark or ragged tooth shark (Odontaspis ferox).

DeepSee is available on board the liveaboard Argo, but it may also be possible to try it from other boats

DeepSee is on board the liveaboard Argon and can be booked to try on for a fee. Even you who choose another liveaboard are sometimes offered if there is time and opportunity to try this fantastic adventure. For those of you who want to spice up your diving trip to Cocos Island, this is an absolute must-try.

For those who want to book DeepSee in advance Contact Us for your wishes, we will make a proposal for that as well. Pre-booking cannot always be guaranteed as many factors come into play. It is particularly difficult if you are on one of the other live boards as the timing must also coincide. 

About DeepSee

  • Passenger environment: Constantly dry; an atmosphere
  • Length - 6 meters
  • Width - 3 meters
  • Height - 3 meters
  • Weight - 7 tons
  • Maximum operating depth: 457 meters.
  • Top speed: 1,7 knots
  • Life Support System: Mission Air Supply - 6 hours
  • Backup air supply - 72 hours Air filtration - CO2 scrubber
  • Emergency supply time - 2 hours
  • Performance characteristics: Propulsion type - Electric propellers
  • Number of propellers - 8 Propulsion power supply - 108 V DC Propulsion power duration - 6-8 hours
  • Service power supply - 24 V DC
  • Reserve power duration for critical systems - >72 hours
  • Emergency power duration for critical systems - >2 hours
  • Battery charging time - 6-8 hours
  • Communication System: U/W Transmitter - OTS Bell 200 25Khz SSB Acoustic Transceiver
  • Surface Equipment - OTS STX-101 Acoustic Transceiver
  • Scuba diving equipment - AGA mask Range - 1 km Maximum depth - >3000 feet
  • Navigation System: Forward Sonar for Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation - Tritech SeaKing Sonar Doppler Acoustic Tracking and Navigation System.

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