About land-based diving Curaçao

Land-based diving in Curaçao has something for all divers, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver. The diving is very similar to that found around the sister island Bonaire. The neighboring island is probably better known among divers, but Curaçao has more to offer on land. The best dive sites are to the west of the island and a majority of the dive sites are close to land. This makes diving easily accessible. On Curaçao both land-based diving and boat diving are offered, but unfortunately none liveaboard in this part of The Caribbean.  

Plenty of varied dive sites

One of the island's most famous dive sites is the Superior Producer wreck, a 70-meter-long ship that has rested on the bottom for 30 years. Together with Double Reef, it is in the top 10 of Curaçao's best diving sites and is accessible both from land and by boat. Here you can see groupers, barracudas, beautiful anemones and colorful corals.  

For those who are slightly more advanced divers and who are looking for a challenge, Hells Corner is a perfect dive site. The site is unprotected from the open sea and large waves hit the rocks along the shore. Here you can find brain corals, tube sponges, gorgonians, jacks, barracudas, sea turtles and moray eels.  

The Light Tower is a challenging dive site and an exciting diving adventure. Here, as a diver, you should be used to strong currents, rough waves and difficult entry and exit from a boat. In return, you get a real adrenaline rush! Kabayé and Small Wall are sites in the underwater park that differ from the otherwise quieter dive sites on the west side. The site is less sheltered and the walls are a bit more dramatic and covered with lush vegetation. Thanks to the constant influx of new and nutrient-rich water, the corals and sponges are larger here. The most beautiful reefs around Curaçao can still be found at Kabes di Baranka Beacon Point and Caracasbaai Lost Anchor, which is a diver's dream if you love reef diving and fine corals.

As on Bonaire, it is excellent to rent a car here on site and discover the island and the diving on your own.