About land-based diving Borneo

Indonesia has an exceptionally high biodiversity of marine life and diving sites. The country has over 16 islands spread over a huge area around the equator. Borneo is just one of these islands and offers you great diving. Here you will find rich marine life, large animals, schools of fish, dramatic wall diving, stream diving, macro life and much more. Just getting here is an adventure as this is quite far away from everything else. Full of surprises and very rich in marine life, land-based diving east of Borneo offers a fantastic diving holiday.

Varied and exciting diving.

Getting here requires domestic flights and sometimes boat and land transport. The little islands out here really give you a feeling of vacation and being in a deserted place away from everything. Large shoals of barracuda and tuna gather here. Here, reef sharks patrol and out in the blue can manta rays, swordfish, thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks and much more appear out of the blue. It all depends on which dive site you visit. There are places here that have exceptionally good macro diving with lots of squid, gobies, crustaceans and nudibranchs. One of the islands is known to attract large numbers of mobulas and another has its own lake teeming with millions of jellyfish. You can even snorkel with them as they do not burn and are completely harmless.

On the house reef, you can both dive and snorkel, and when the waters pick up speed, it's full action here. You take out your reef hook and enjoy the spectacle of the shoal that can eclipse the sun and completely engulf you. All of a sudden, the shoal can disperse when passing reef sharks or large tunas slide past and soon you are again surrounded by thousands of fish. Land-based diving in Borneo is still quite unknown but here to the waters of the strait opposite the island Sulawesi you will find really good diving and sometimes one or two will also come live board and passing by for some or a couple of days of diving.