About Derawan Island in Borneo

  • Fantastic diving in East Borneo
  • Very good macro diving but also large pelagics and sharks
  • Wall diving, stream diving, big fish, lots of fish
  • Combine with a visit to the rainforest and experience proboscis monkeys, orangutans or take a trip on the Mahakam river

Combine your diving trip and holiday with a trip on the Mahakam river where you stay on a boat and experience proximity to the rainforest with lizards, proboscis monkeys and a rich bird life and much more.

About the diving in East Borneo

Several dive sites in the world are mentioned again and again. Therefore, it is strange that this unique atoll on the eastern side of Borneo has taken so long to be mentioned when talking about diving. There is plenty of fish, lots of sharks and different species and many large turtles. There is a jellyfish lake to visit here. There are places with lots of mantas and mobulas, eagle rays and also very fine corals. The walls and coral reefs are teeming with life and it is not unusual to see several species of shark on a dive. Also imagine ending up in the middle of a school of barracuda or tuna. So many fish that you actually don't look out of the shoal anymore. Here, places have been found where you also see thresher sharks from time to time.

Derawan Island is the main island in a group of islands and atolls off eastern Borneo and there is extremely good and exciting diving here. You get here by boat and live on the island, which also has many families living here on the island. Here you have a small selection of restaurants and local food, meetings with residents and, not least, diving. Diving is available right on the house reef and pretty much daily they run trips to the nearby islands on a rolling schedule. Sangalaki and Kakaban are the most famous but also day trips to Maratua atoll. The diving is very famous for macro diving, but here there are also large animals to discover. It is now also possible to go here and dive with them live board during selected parts of the year.

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