About land-based diving in Egypt

Land-based diving in Egypt is absolutely world-class and Egypt is one of the world's best land-based holiday destinations. You can go here all year round and enjoy an exotic mix of beaches, clear turquoise waters, lively markets and relaxation by the pool. From the mainland you get to some of the world's most famous dive sites and wrecks here The red sea. For example, the wrecks at Abu Nuhas, the world-famous Thistlegorm and several others. On land, you should definitely make a trip to the Valley of the Kings at Luxor. Or why not take a day out in the desert and look at the desolate but exciting landscape.

Egypt is not only a great place for diving from one live board. You also have great opportunities to reach many nice and exciting dive sites of high class via day trip boats. In this way, you combine the best of both worlds. You are on holiday and can experience the local culture by staying at a resort on land and you get to visit some of the world's most famous dive sites via day trips. The Red Sea has several national parks and some are only accessible by liveaboard. You can still get to several fantastic dive sites with a chance to experience large animals. For example, dugongs, whale sharks, yearfin sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, stingrays, beautiful coral reefs full of marine life and large shoals of fish.

Many places to choose from

There are many different places in Egypt to visit for your dive sale. Here you will find Dahab and Sharm on the Sinai Peninsula, which are two of the first diving destinations in Egypt. You can also go to Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Makadi Bay, El Gouna and El Quseir and some more. All places along the coast have something unique to offer you as a diver. Even families and non-divers who want a relaxing vacation can find their paradise here. Land-based diving in Egypt is for many the first experience and first real diving trip.