Diving in Marsa Alam, diving trip with nice diving in the Red Sea, Egypt

Marsa Alam is located in the south of Egypt and is a very popular place for diving trips and vacations. Here further south, there are not quite as many tourists and divers as further north in Egypt. Marsa Alam is suitable for both divers and non-divers and also for families. Diving in Marsa Alam and a diving trip here is nice and relaxing as most diving can be done directly from land. There are also day trips where you can dive at fantastic reefs out in the Red Sea. For those of you who are a bit more experienced, a dive at Elphinstone is probably a must.

Marsa Alam is located right on the coast of the Red Sea and is a peaceful place. Both for those who already dive and also for those who may not have started diving yet, it is an excellent place to be. It is also a very good destination for those who want to get your diving certificate and learn to dive or further your education. Diving trips to Marsa Alam is among the most popular among those who want to live on land instead of going on a liveaboard. Marsa Alam now has its own airport but you can also fly to Hurghada even if it is a longer transfer.

More about Marsa Alam

  • Popular diving site but with fewer visitors than the more famous destinations in the north
  • Peaceful place suitable for the whole family, divers and non-divers
  • Beautiful dives on different reefs and better opportunity to see large animals than compared to the northern parts
  • Elphinstone
  • Diving trip with a lot of diving directly from land

Some of the most famous dive sites in the area are a little further out, which means that the diving centers organize excursions with two boat dives a day for when you get there. In the southern Red Sea, you mainly dive on reefs and the dive sites that can be reached from here are incredibly beautiful. Among the most famous are Elphinstone, Marsa Mubarak and Shaab Samadai or Dolphin House.

Around Marsa Alam, the chance to see and dive larger animals is high compared to diving further north in the Red Sea. If you're lucky, you can see dolphins, dugong (manatees) and large turtles.

If you go to Elphinstone, there is also the opportunity to see several species of shark. Oceanic white tip or yearfin shark, hammerhead shark and various reef sharks are common on the reefs here. If you're lucky, you can also see manta rays and whale sharks here. Especially at certain times of the year, the chances are good. Stingrays, Napoleon fish, eagle rays, shoals of tuna and barracuda can also be seen out here in the sea. Elphinstone is a fantastic dive site but requires some experience as there are often currents here.

Other popular dive sites here are for example Abu Dabbab, Fury shoals and Hamada wreck. a wreck that is about 65 meters long and popular for wreck diving. She sank in 1993 and is now a popular diving destination and also attracts a lot of marine life. The area around Marsa Alam is often visited by liveaboard as it is considered one of the places with the best diving in the Red Sea and Egypt.