Diving trip El Quseir Egypt and the Red Sea

El Quseir on the coast to the Red Sea is located midway between the better known places of Safaga and Marsa Alam. A diving trip here to El Quseir in Egypt offers peace and quiet and it is always close to very good diving and snorkeling. Diving trips here are becoming more and more popular.

El Quseir is right on the coast and is a very peaceful place. This is a really good place for both you who already dive and also for you who may not have started diving yet. Here you can also learn to dive and get a diving certificate. A diving trip to El Quseir in Egypt can be done for you who dive and travel with the family where other family members may not dive.

More about El Quseir

  • An increasingly popular diving site but with fewer visitors than the more famous destinations in the north
  • Peaceful place suitable for the whole family, both divers and non-divers
  • Beautiful reef dives and better opportunity to see large animals than compared to further north
  • Chance to see dugongs, turtles and hammerhead sharks

Some of the most famous dive sites in the area are a little further out from the coast. The dive centers organize boat dive excursions every day to reach these sites. In the southern Red Sea, many dive mainly on reefs and the dive sites you reach from here are incredibly beautiful. Some of the most famous dive sites are for example Elphinstone, Marsa Mubarak and Shaab Samadai (dolphin house). Maheleg, Canyons and Abu Dabbab are other examples of exciting dive sites you can reach from here. Many dive sites can be reached directly from land.

If you are lucky, there is the possibility that you can experience and dive with large animals here. A diving trip to El Quseir in Egypt and the Red Sea can, with luck, offer dolphins, dugongs (manatees) and large sea ​​turtles. There are also good opportunities to see different species of shark. Elphinstone is a fantastic reef that suits slightly more experienced divers and here you often see hammerhead sharks, oceanic whitetip or yearfin sharks and various species of reef sharks. Even whale sharks and manta rays can sometimes be seen during a dive. Many tours with different liveaboards passing out here on the outer reefs as a dive trip around El Quseir in Egypt offers some of the best diving in the Red Sea.