Diving trip to Makadi Bay in Egypt

Just south of Hurghada is Makadi Bay. It is a nice resort that is well suited for a diving trip. In Makadi Bay, you avoid the hustle and bustle of Hurghada, which is mostly for overnight stays before or after liveaboarding. Here on your diving trip to Makadi Bay in Egypt you get a mixed one diving holiday with pleasant relaxation and sun and swimming directly by the sea. Along the coast there is a long, lovely sandy beach that offers that real holiday feeling, but here you can also take an evening trip on the promenade.

Makadi Bay is now very well known for snorkeling and diving. Here there are fantastic coral reefs with clear water and a rich underwater life. You have access to high-class snorkeling directly from the beach and diving right nearby. Here you can do both diving from land and diving from boats during a day trip.

More about diving in Makadi Bay

  • Beautifully situated with the Red Sea to the east and the mountains to the west 
  • Nice snorkelling and diving that is suitable for the whole family
  • Beautiful reef dives 

The reefs directly off the beach offer plenty to see and are suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. Here you can see turtles, seahorses, pegasus, ghost pipe fish, rays are regular visitors to the reefs here during your diving trip to Makadi bay in the Red Sea in Egypt. The dives are relatively shallow, normally between 12-18 meters and are also suitable for beginners or for those who want learn to dive and get a diving certificate.
Here you can also do day trips to the famous Salem Express wreck (110 meter long wreck) and other impressive reefs and sites such as Panorama Reef, Abu Kafan, Tobia Arbaa, Ras Abu Soma and Carless Reef. Sometimes you can be lucky and see dolphins here too or even manta rays and whale shark. Reef sharks are also relatively common.

Non-divers and snorkelers are always welcome on the diving excursions. On half-day excursions, the family can also go snorkeling. These tours normally take no more than two to four hours. Many also dive early in the morning and or late in the evening and do twilight dives or night dives. Makadi bay is perfect for a shorter diving trip and here in Egypt there is probably something for everyone. For those who want a few extra days of vacation and supplement your diving trip and live board can you go to Makadi Bay in Egypt and stay here for a few nights here instead of Hurghada.