Wadi Lahami, diving trips to Egypt and the Red Sea

For those who like to dive from land and want to get really far south in the Red Sea, this is something for you. Diving trips to Wadi Lahami in Egypt are almost as far as you can go without crossing the border to Sudan. Just under 300 kilometers north of the border, this eco-lodge is located directly on the shore of the Red Sea. South of this there is basically nothing and just over 100 kilometers to the south is a military area where the border drawing is discussed between the countries.

This is a very popular place for diving trips and land-based diving but also for kitesurfing. Here along the beach, mangroves grow and it is quite rich in birds, so the place is clearly different from, for example, Marsa Alam 120 kilometers to the north. Diving in Wadi Lahami and a diving trip here is relaxing and comfortable as most diving can be done directly from land. There are also day trips where you can dive at fantastic reefs out in the Red Sea. For example, you can dive in places like Satayah (Dolphin reef), Malahi and Abu Galawa. Also Shaab Maksour which is similar to the more famous Elphinstone and then Shaab Claudia which is known for tunnels and caves. The reefs around Fury shoals are visited regularly and marine life is very rich here.

Wadi Lahami is located right on the coast of the Red Sea and is a very peaceful place. Both for those who already dive and also for those who may not have started diving yet, it is an excellent place to be. It is also a very good destination for those who want to get your diving certificate and learn to dive or further your education. Diving trips to Marsa Alam and on to Wadi Lahami annually attracts both beginners and more experienced divers.

More about Wadi Lahami

  • Popular dive site for divers and kite surfers as well as bird watchers
  • Peaceful place suitable for the whole family, divers and non-divers
  • Fantastic dives on different reefs and good opportunities to see large animals
  • Fury Shoals
  • Pressure chamber in Hamata, 10 kilometers to the north
  • Diving trip with a lot of diving directly from land

Around 30 different dive sites are offered here, and many of them are located in the Fury Shoals area, which is teeming with marine life. Fantastic reef formations with tunnels, overhangs and caves. The Shaab Malahi reef is even called a playground where you are guaranteed to get lost if you want to swim. Some of the best dive sites in the area are a little further out, which means that the diving centers organize excursions with two boat dives a day for when you get there. In the southern Red Sea, you mainly dive on reefs and the dive sites that can be reached from here are incredibly beautiful.

Here along the coast of Wadi Lahami you have good chances to see and dive with various large marine animals. If you're lucky, you can see dolphins, dugong (manatees) and large turtles. If you come to Shaab Maksour, there is a good opportunity to see several species of shark. Oceanic white tip or yearfin shark, hammerhead shark and various reef sharks are common on the reefs here. If you're lucky, you can also see manta rays and whale sharks here. Especially at certain times of the year, the chances are good. Stingrays, Napoleon fish, eagle rays, shoals of tuna and barracuda can also be seen out here in the sea. The outer reefs here in southern Egypt offer fantastic dive sites and there is always diving to suit everyone.

Here south of Wadi Gemal National Park, Wadi Lahami and diving trips to southern Egypt can really give new inspiration to those of you who have dived a lot in the Red Sea but want a bit of a refresher. Relatively few go here liveaboard so the area is very peaceful and wonderfully well-being.