Diving trips to northern Egypt and various safaris

  • Diving that suits all divers
  • Beautiful reefs and many exciting wrecks
  • Varied diving that is rich in marine life

Diving trips to Northern Egypt and all safaris and diving trips depart from either Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. To the northerners The red sea we count everything north of the Brothers Islands and up to Tiran and the Suez Canal. There are several different safaris that take place in the northern Red Sea and you can find them here on our website above. There you can read about what is special about each of them and choose what suits you best. The most popular targets are all the various wrecks found here in Northern Egypt and various combinations.

The most famous wrecks that are most often visited are Thistlegorm, the wrecks at Abu Nuhas with Carnatic, Chrisoula K, Giannis D and Kimon M. Thistlegorm is one of the world's most famous wrecks and one of the Red Sea's most popular dive sites. Other famous and popular wrecks are Ulysses, Rosalie Möller, Aida, Numidia, Kingston and Carnatic. The wrecks are even now reefs that attract large amounts of marine life. Larger animals such as rays, reef sharks and even dolphins can sometimes be seen at several of these wrecks.

The wrecks are mixed with large marine species

Note: The routes in the northern Red Sea suit all levels of divers. There is still a requirement for an advanced certificate or equivalent plus 50 logged dives to dive at Brothers Islands. Brothers often offers large quantities of shark and other pelagic fish. Årfin shark, tiger shark, thresher shark, hammerhead shark and many more species are seen here regularly. Also large plankton eaters such as blanket and whale sharks are regularly seen. The captain and dive guides on board your live board has the right to cancel a dive or change the safari route depending on the weather. Mobile phones work on and off on your liveaboard during the safari depending on how close to land you are.

We recommend booking your diving trip in time. Although there are many liveaboards, certain seasons are more attractive to be able to experience different types of sharks. If you like wrecks and wreck diving, you can more easily find liveaboards as the wrecks can be dived all year round.