Diving trips to southern Egypt various safaris

  • Great variety of marine pelagic species
  • The marine parks in the south down towards the Sudan border
  • Exciting diving on steep walls

Diving trips to southern Egypt are popular. Liveaboards and safaris on the southern routes depart from either Safaga, Marsa Alam or Hamata. To southern Egypt and The red sea we count everything south of Brothers and down the border towards Sudan. This means that there will be a great variety of routes for diving trips to southern Egypt. You can then more easily choose the one that best suits your wishes. Here you will find exciting diving on steep walls covered with soft and hard corals, beautiful reef systems and fascinating caves and overhangs. You have a good chance of experiencing a variety of pelagic species such as tuna, barracuda, snappers, large sharks and smaller reef sharks.   

Diving to southern Egypt and this part of the Red Sea is suitable for you who are a little more experienced divers. Because these dive sites are further from land and are more exposed to the elements. The captain and dive guides on board your liveaboard always have the right to cancel a dive or change the safari route depending on the weather so as not to compromise the safety of you and your fellow travelers. Mobile phones on board your live board works on and off depending on how close to land you are. 

Many fantastic dive sites

A diving trip to southern Egypt is a trip that can be done many times. Since the Red Sea is located in Scandinavia, it is also one of the most popular destinations for diving trips. Look at the different tours above and you can find more about diving in the different places. The most famous are Fury Shoal, St Johns, Daedalus, Rocky, Zabargad, Elphinstone and Brothers Islands. All of these are highly talked about dive sites and can easily count among the best diving in the Red Sea and Egypt.

We recommend booking in time. Although there are many liveaboards, certain seasons are more attractive to be able to experience different types of sharks. If you like wrecks and wreck diving, you can more easily find liveaboards as the wrecks can be dived all year round.