Philippines land-based diving

About land-based diving in the Philippines

  • The Philippines - the diving country where there is something for everyone
  • Macro or large animals - beautiful corals and walls
  • Huge wildlife and crystal clear water

Philippines i Southeast Asia is a large country and consists of over 7600 islands. Here there are plenty of beaches and many opportunities to dive where the sea rolls in. Land-based diving in the Philippines is very good and very varied. There really is something here for everyone who dives, whether you are a beginner or have been diving for a long time. Whether you like beautiful reefs and marine life or wrecks, it doesn't matter. Experience colorful corals, impressive walls lined with gorgonians, sponges and whip corals. Here, macro diving is absolutely top class and there are good opportunities to also see large animals such as whale sharks.

You can dive in calm waters or waters bubbling with heat from volcanic activity. Here there is also the opportunity to experience cool current dives. The Philippines attracts divers from all over the world. Many also come back year after year, precisely because there are so many places to experience. It's easy to see why land-based diving here in the Philippines has become so incredibly popular. You don't just go here on a diving trip, it's also really a holiday and a perfect destination for non-divers too. It is also easy to get your diving certificate here and learn to dive.

Visit the Philippines all year round

Here it is seasonal and possible to dive all year round. You normally get the best diving from October to June as it is normally not as hot and humid as in the summer. Some places can only be experienced during a few months of the year. For example Tubbataha reef which you can only reach with one live board. Other places like Dauin in central Philippines have year-round season. Here you can easily discover all the beautiful corals, dolphins, colorful small fish, turtles and sometimes also several species of sharks.

Many of our destinations in the Philippines offer some of the best land-based diving in the world. The possibilities are basically unlimited in combining different types of diving. Choose between trying macro diving in Dauin. Wreck diving at Coron or maybe look for thresher sharks in the morning light at Malapascua. A popular way to travel in the Philippines is so-called island hopping. Then you combine a couple or more places to live and stay. during your diving trip here to the Philippines. Land-based diving in the Philippines is absolutely amazing.