Spirit in the Philippines

  • Beautiful nature, rivers, white beaches, relatively unexploited
  • Eastern Bohol, one of the Philippines' most beautiful islands
  • Fabulous variety of diving, waterfalls, ghost animals, Chocolate Hills and more

Spirit in the Philippines and the island of Bohol is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Here you will find beautiful untouched nature, waterfalls, extensive rice fields, nice beaches and here there is plenty to experience and do besides diving. The city of Tagbilaran is the capital of the island and you can get here by ferry or plane. Further transfer by car to your resort along the coast or you take the long trip and take the opportunity to see the world-famous Chocolate Hills. Or perhaps combine with watching the small strange ghost animals. That transfer then takes the ice rink 4-6 hours, depending on how long you want to spend on the experiences

Anda is on the eastern side and mass tourism has not yet found its way here, so there is a lot of relaxation and peace and quiet. In addition to that, lots of nice and varied diving. Flat coral reefs, slopes, coral and sponge chained walls, stream diving, lots of small funny animals. Larger animals such as turtles, barracudas, reef sharks and sometimes even whale sharks pass by here. Anda is a lovely place to combine with other places and before it starts growing here take the opportunity to treat yourself to experience this lovely part of the Philippines. It can also be combined with one live board with cruises in both Tubbataha and the Visayas.

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Diving in Anda, Bohol

  • Excellent destination for both divers and non-divers
  • Beautiful coral reefs, slopes, white sandy bottoms with corals, diverse wildlife
  • Turtles, barracudas, tuna, reef sharks, rays, sometimes whale sharks
  • Here you can find the strange leopard shrimp and, in season, lots of squid

The diving in Anda is good all year round. It is always possible to find protected places and the diving is good and varied. During autumn you often find lots of funny and strange octopuses, in some places among the whip corals you find the very strange and relatively uncommon leopard shrimp. Whale sharks sometimes pass here, artificial reefs are built to increase marine life. There are turtles in abundance, a rich and varied macrolife, fungi, shoals of fish and many different species and much more. Here, almost everyone will find something to see that you really like when you dive. 

Term: Normally about 15-25 meters around Anda but can go down if it's windy but it might as well be 25-35 meters.

Weather: Anda has relatively good weather all year round, although it is often a bit more windy in the autumn, August - December. The water temperature is often 27-30 °C, although it normally drops a little lower in January-February. The marine life is good all year round.