Anilao in the Philippines

  • Lots of dive sites and peace and quiet
  • Southern Luzon, close to Manila and easy to get to
  • Very good and varied diving, the nudibranch capital of the Philippines
  • Rich marine life, octopuses, crustaceans, corals, muck, turtles etc

Anilao in the Philippines is near the major port city of Batangas on the main island of Luzon. It is still very calm and peaceful here. Only 2,5-3 hours drive from Manila's pulsating traffic and airport out on this peninsula, Mabini, is Anilao. Anilao is less known than Puerto Galera but closer and much easier to get to. The area here offers significantly more diving sites with an incredibly rich marine life. More and more people are finding their way here, and the diving is what attracts them, but also the ease of getting here. For those looking for a slightly shorter adventure with 7-10 diving days, this is actually really good. Of course, it is also a wonderful destination to combine other places in the Philippines with or why not stop here on your way to Palau or Micronesia. No domestic flights or ferries to worry about, just a comfortable drive away.

Excellent destination to combine with

The diving resorts in Anilao are located on the west side of the peninsula and this is where most of the diving takes place. The eastern one is at least as good and is more protected if it is windy. Here you will find relaxation and peace and quiet and then lots of nice and varied diving. Flat coral reefs, slopes, coral and sponge chained walls, current dives, lots of small funny animals but also turtles, barracudas and reef sharks pass by here. Anilao has become a new gem for many who live in Manila and want to avoid the ferry over to Puerto Galera and have a little more peace and quiet. The diving here is very good all year round. Possibility to go along liveaboard directly from here there are certain times of the year and it is easy to combine with other locations in the Philippines or Palau for a more varied diving trip and holiday

  • Diving in Anilao, Luzon and Mabini bay

    • Excellent destination for both divers and non-divers
    • Beautiful coral reefs, slopes, white and dark sand bottoms with corals, muck dives and varied wildlife
    • Turtles, barracudas, tuna, reef sharks, rays
    • This is for those of you who are looking for nudibranchs and strange fish, but there are also nice coral reefs and much more to see

    The diving in Anilao is good all year round. It is always possible to find protected places and the diving is good and varied. During the autumn it can be quite windy, but normally it is good and here you will often find lots of funny and strange octopuses, an incredible number of different nudibranchs, frogfish, various kinds of ghost pipefish and crustaceans. The diving is mixed with everything from rock walls to flat sandy bottoms or more normal slopes and reefs. Sometimes turtles appear and add to the diving experience. Perhaps a shoal of tuna or sardines sweeps you in and darkens the light and even occasional reef sharks and rays can be seen.

    Term: Normally around 10-30 meters depending on choice of dive site.

    Weather: Anilao generally has good weather all year round, although it is often windy and rains a little more in the autumn, August - December. The water temperature is often 27-30 °C, although it normally drops lower in January-February and can be down to 23-24 °C. The marine life is good all year round.