Cagayancillo in the Philippines

  • Very remote and few divers
  • World class coral reefs, big fish, wrecks
  • Scenic and focus on diving

Cagayancillo in the Philippines is a small group of islands in the middle of the Sulu Sea between Negros and Palawan. There are few tourists here and nowhere the usual tourist goes, but it is probably only divers who get here. Amazing reefs, big shoals of fish, plenty of big fish and many different species of shark. There is also a wreck of a large passenger ferry with a capacity of over 2000 passengers that sank as recently as 2019, no passengers on board and located.

For those looking for something unique, combine this destination with a package on land in Sipalay and Dauin. You can only get here by small specially chartered seaplanes and with a very limited number of passengers and divers who can be here at the same time.

Only packages can be booked here and in combination with accommodation in Sipalay before and after the trip here. A real adventure with the opportunity to experience what few divers will ever be able to experience.

An adventure at its best. Flat coral reefs, slopes, coral and sponge chained walls, current dives, lots of small funny animals but also turtles, barracudas and reef sharks pass by here. Sometimes also hammerhead shark, tiger shark and whale shark. A new gem in the amazing Philippines has opened its doors so watch out. Of course it will be combined with Sipalay because the flights leave from there but other destinations is also possible. Also liveaboard pass here occasionally on their movements between the Visayas and Tubbataha Reefs.

All pictures with © approval from Easy Diving, Philippines

Diving in Cagayancillo

  • A destination for experienced divers looking for an exciting new destination with few divers
  • Beautiful coral reefs, slopes and dramatic walls, stream diving and lots of fish
  • Turtles, barracudas, tuna, sharks, rays

These 7 night safaris run from Sipalay and you have 6 days of diving. First sea flight out to the resort, which is simple but perfectly ok. In the morning there is coffee and snacks on the way to the first dive, afterwards breakfast is served on the boat. After breakfast, the first dive is the deepest. The other two dives will be shallower, so you will normally do three dives a day before returning to the bay around Between dives there is lunch, snacks, fruit, water, various non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee on the boat as usual. Night dives in the lagoon are always possible. Of course, the program can be adapted to the wishes of all guests.

Each diver is required to bring their own dive computer, an underwater light and a Surface Marker Buoy / SMB!
After the Safari you have the opportunity to explore the main island and get to know its lovely inhabitants. To ensure a safe flight back to Sipalay, your last dive ends before 13 on the sixth day. As a consequence, you have a break of at least 18 hours.

Term: Normally around 20-40 meters depending on choice of dive site.

Weather: Cagayancillo is exposed in the middle of the sea and it is not possible to go here all year round. Safaris are normally organized here from mid-December to the end of June. The water temperature is often 27-30 °C, although it normally drops lower in January-February and can be down to 24-25 °C. The marine life is good all year round.