Coron in the Philippines

  • Jungle, villages, sea and waterfalls
  • A perfect destination to combine with Micronesia
  • Easy diving for all levels of divers

Coron in the Philippines is located in the province of Palawan, southwest of Manila. This group of islands is world-renowned for its unspoilt beauty, beautiful beaches and appealing mystery. The contrast between the white beaches and the green mountains gives a dramatic first impression and Palawan is today one of them The Philippines' most popular tourist destinations.

Here you have complete freedom to do everything or nothing at all. Surrounded by the sea and green forest, you are offered the ultimate tranquility where you are far from the hectic life in the city. It is a perfect place for sunbathing and swimming, swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing or fishing and experiencing beautiful nature. The diving is varied but Coron is best known for its wreck diving. All the sunken Japanese warships in Coron are a big reason why this area is considered one of the best dive sites in the world. There is also good natural diving on the north side of the island. A very strange and popular destination for diving and snorkeling is a volcanic lake with warm volcanic water up to +40°C. 

Of course you can combine your diving in Coron with lazy days or travel on to other destinations in the Philippines

Diving in Coron

  • Relaxing destination for diving holidays
  • World War II wrecks to explore
  • Live corals and excellent macro diving

The Battle of Coron Bay in 1944 is a reason for diving in and around Coron today. The result is that today you have the opportunity to dive on eleven wrecks from the Second World War. Ten of these are historically significant Japanese warships and freighters that were sunk by American forces during the battle. Of these ten World War II wrecks, eight have their final resting place. It is possible to get here quickly whether you live on an island by the wrecks or if you live in Coron town. Where you have a larger selection of restaurants and activities that make your stay a little more active

Fascinating and exciting wreck

Among the fascinating wrecks to discover are the Okikawa Maru and the Olympia Maru. The Okikawa Maru is a 160 meter long wreck that was sunk by a direct hit in the bow. The Olympia Maru wreck is slightly smaller and 120 meters long.

You can also dive on the East Sangat Gunboat, a 40 meter long torpedo boat. This is a shallow dive and perfect for discovery. The two large steam boilers are a major attraction where the hard coral growth is extensive and there are lots of scorpion fish on deck.

Other wrecks include the Akitsushima, a seaplane that is one of Coron's most famous wrecks, and the Irako, a reefer ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy

The water temperature is between 28 – 30 degrees all year round thanks to the tropical tide that comes from the South China Sea. This means that diving in a three to five mm wetsuit with boots is often sufficient. Many divers choose to dive with a hood after several days of repeated diving. Don't forget to bring a thin windbreaker and enough sun protection.

Visibility in and around Coron Bay normally varies depending on the strength of the tide, but generally it is between five and thirty meters. The moon and tides affect water clarity, you can expect reduced visibility when there is a full or new moon. Around Coron there are also nice reefs and on the island there is barracuda lake. It is a volcanic lake with warm water that gets warmer the deeper you dive. There is also a lot to experience on land here. For those who want, it is possible to do safaris with live board with combination Coron and Apo Reef.