Dauin in the Philippines

  • Volcanic island with a very green landscape
  • One of the Philippines' largest islands
  • A real diving paradise

Dauin in the Philippines is just south of Dumaguete which is the capital of the Negros Oriental region.. The region is mountainous, very fertile and known under the name "sugar island". Here in Dauin, it is diving that counts. The best thing about diving at Dauin is the combination of macro, the beautiful reefs, walls and big fish at Apo Island. Whether you are a snorkeler, a beginner or an advanced diver, there is something to suit you here.

When you are not diving, there are several activities around Dauin. The easiest thing is for you to relax by the pool. There are also excursions available from our resorts. Dauin is surrounded by a fantastically beautiful mountain area with waterfalls and lakes. Here you can join us on hiking tours and more. It is also possible to visit the local market or take a round of golf on the nearby golf course. Other activities around Dauin are, for example, Zipline, ATV (4-wheel motorcycle in mountain terrain), mountain-biking, snorkeling and yoga.

On site, they can also arrange excursions to snorkel or dive with whale sharks. It is booked on the spot and done on the neighboring island of Cebu. About 1,5 hours by boat from Dauin. Feel free to combine your diving in Dauin with other destinations in the Philippines. You can also combine with one liveaboard in the Philippines

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Diving in Dauin

  • Excellent destination for both divers and non-divers
  • Apo Island offers wall diving, whole healthy corals and turtles
  • Snorkel with whale sharks near Cebu Island  

The diving in the area is mainly known for its macro diving and strange wildlife. With shorter car trips or boat trips you can reach places and several nice reefs along the coast. There are also places for wide angle such as coral reefs, shoals of tuna and groupers. Of course also the whale sharks off southern Cebu.

The dive sites along the coast of Dauin are generally sandy slopes that offer easy diving for divers of all levels. The sites can be reached either by boat or beach diving. Here you can see triggerfish, parrotfish, moray eels, surgeonfish, snappers, groupers, gobies, batfish, dragonfish, trumpetfish, blowfish, filefish, wrasse and tuna. The area also has several artificial reefs that attract a large number of marine animals and fry.

Beautiful Apo Island

Apo Island nearby offers nice diving. Here you have the chance to see turtles, sea snakes, shoals of tuna and lots of clownfish. The diving around Apo Island is quite different compared to the diving along the coast. Chapel Point, Cogon and The Sanctuary are popular spots that have steep walls with healthy hard corals. Here there are large moray eels, clownfish and lots of gobies and plenty of prawns in the sand. You can also see blue ribbon eel, various nudibranchs and sea snakes. At Cogon there is a large shoal of tuna that sometimes let you swim in the middle of them. A truly unique and magical experience.

The water temperature is generally around 27,5°C. In January and February it can drop to 24-25°C. We recommend that you dive in a 3 mm full wetsuit with boots or 5 mm if you are frozen. Many divers choose to wear a hood after several days of repeated diving. Be sure to bring a light windbreaker and plenty of sun protection.

Term: Normally around 10-15 meters at Dauin and 18-25 meters at Apo Island.

Weather: Dumaguete has a dry and wet season. The average maximum temperature is 34,3°C and the average minimum temperature is 22,9°C. October to early June is the main diving season. The period July to September can have strong monsoon rains. However, this particular part of the Philippines and the province normally has very stable and good weather. Dauin is a destination you can go to all year round. The rich marine life is good and there is always good diving all year round.