Moalboal in the Philippines, Cebu

  • Jungle, villages, sea and waterfalls
  • A perfect destination to combine
  • Easy diving for all levels of divers

Moalboal in the Philippines and Cebu are for those looking for a place where you can combine adventure in the sea with relaxation. This is a nice place to be. Moalboal is famous for its diving at Pescador Island and the shoal of sardines close to shore. Moalboal in the Philippines has long been a favorite among diving destinations in the Philippines. The area is a peninsula where you will find many places with beaches and fine coral reefs.
(Footnote: Typhoon Odette in December 2021 unfortunately destroyed some of the reef in shallower water but the area still has rich marine life and is recovering).

The community of Moalboal is located approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. Despite its proximity to a large city, Moalboal has retained its unique charm and relaxing atmosphere. It is popular with both local and foreign tourists. For those who like nature, Moalboal is an ideal escape from the stressful city life. There is hiking, diving and if you want a chance to discover local attractions such as orchid plantations there is that too.

Of course you can combine your diving in Moalboal with lazy days or travel on to other destinations in the Philippines. Or indulge in it with a lovely one live board

Diving in Moalboal

  • Pescador Island – deep wall dives and beautiful coral gardens
  • Witness an Asian "Sardine run"
  • Live corals and good macro diving

The most popular and visited place in Moalboal is Pescador Island. Where you can see the Asian "Asian sardine run" - the sardine shoal. In recent years, however, it has mostly been seen on the coast. The reef around Pescador Island includes both a shallow area at the wall and then drops down to over 40 meters. The island is known for its beautiful coral gardens. Frogfish and large turtles are often seen in this area and sometimes sharks and barracudas too. It is also known for its "cathedral", a vertical tunnel which, however, is only recommended for more experienced divers.

If you want to dive in caves and crevices, you can go towards Tongo Point. The depth here goes down to 40 meters. Here you can find turtles, soft and hard coral, lots of fish and anemones. If you're lucky, you might even see a whale shark here. Manta rays, dolphins and other slightly larger animals also pass through this area. The waters here constitute the Philippines' largest marine reserve today.

Sampaguita is known as the "House Reef". The diving here has small caves, wall dives and ridges as well as walls covered with gorgonians. It is a really good place for different types of diving and for different levels of divers. There is both good macro and night diving here. At Sampaguita, for example, you can see sea bass, batfish, sea anemones and sometimes pygmy seahorses.

Other famous places in Moalboal include Moalboal Bay, Talisay, and Saavedra Marine Sanctuary or Ronda Bay.

The water temperature is between 27-29°C all year round. The temperature on land during the day is around 32°C. Cebu and the Visayas do not have a heavy rainy season. There are more often sunny bright mornings followed by short but intense rain showers in the afternoons.

Visibility normally varies between five and 30 meters. The moon and tides affect visibility in the sea.