Romblon in the Philippines

  • Off the beaten track, no mass tourism, magical macro diving
  • Romblon - in the middle of the Philippines, almost unknown among divers
  • Known for its very fine marble and fine beaches
  • Butterfly nudgers, Ghost nudgers, pygmy seahorses

Romblon in the Philippines is a province located in the middle of the country and just north of the world-famous Boracay. The province consists of several islands with Romblon Tablas as the big island where the airport is located but here it is Romblon Romblon which is the island in the province where you have the best and most developed diving. There are a small number of diving centers here and they focus on macro, night diving and blackwater diving. The airport is located on the larger island of Romblon Tablas and it takes about two hours to get from the airport by car and boat. The last bit goes by tricycle.

The island is known for its fine marble and there are also some fantastic beaches here. Bonbon beach is a fabulously beautiful beach that changes appearance with the tides and seasons. A nice afternoon tour and why not combine it with a visit to town and see the small shops or go up to the fort with a fantastic view of Romblon. The island is also known as the city of marble and if you want to buy marble, it is fantastically cheap here. However, it is heavy, so think about the luggage weight.  

In principle, you can combine Romblon in the Philippines with which other destinations you want but a trip via Manila is pretty much absolutely necessary and with an overnight stay there. We arrange good hotels for you when you book your diving trip. A couple of times a year pass liveaboard here and offers unique cruises combined with accommodation in Anilao.

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Diving in Romblon, Romblon

  • Photo paradise for macro, unusual species are almost always seen
  • Beautiful coral reefs, slopes, white sandy bottoms with corals, easy to photograph
  • Melibe colemani - holy grail
  • Cyerce, butterfly nudges - holy grails
  • Black water diving and bonfire

The diving in Romblon is fantastic if you want to take pictures and want to see odd species. What many people are looking for for several years, you can find here almost all year round and relatively easily. There are lots of funny and strange crustaceans and nudibranchs here. Also various species of pygmy seahorses and lots of gobies, triplefins and other bottom-dwelling fish species.  

Term: Normally about 15-25 meters but it could be as good as 25-35 meters.

Weather: Romblon is weather sensitive and it is January - May that applies here, possibly June. You can go here all year round normally, even if it can be very windy. The problem is the rain and the wind, which mean that flights cannot always land and are often cancelled. There are no places to book accommodation and then you have to take a ferry for 10 hours to be able to get further by car to an airport. The water temperature is often 27-30 °C, although it normally drops a little lower in January-February. The marine life is otherwise very good all year round.