French Polynesia Tahiti

When we say French Polynesia Tahiti, you probably, like many others, immediately think of small picturesque islands scattered scattered in a crystal clear sea. That this is you get exotic drinks and have a life in paradise. The islands shine green like emeralds and are surrounded by white beaches. Palm trees sway in the middle of the islands and are surrounded by beautiful flowers. Under the surface has another paradise. You have clear visibility and can swim with sharks and large schools of fish among colorful corals. That's right, that's exactly how it is in paradise.

Diving with liveaboard

Do you go with one live board here you will be well looked after by the crew and guides. You are served delicious food, relax with a book in the sun, listen to interesting presentations about e.g. sharks. And to top it all off, you enjoy a fantastic view that changes daily. Beneath the surface, you can take part in action-packed dives in clear, tropical water. Here you dive into the heart of the Pacific Ocean where hundreds hajar swimming alongside manta rays and bottlenose dolphins.

During your dive cruise you will visit the reefs at Rangiroa Island. Hammerhead sharks, blacktip reef sharks, silky sharks, tiger sharks and silver tip sharks are often seen there. Here there are also plenty of white tip reef sharks that hunt for schools of fish. You will also get to dive at northern Fakarava Island. Here you can do a current dive in a 1200 meter wide channel and hopefully get to see full shark action. Here you can also usually see several Napoleon fish. In the Tuamutu archipelago you will find several shallow dives with fascinating hard and soft corals surrounded by schools of curious fish. Anywhere manta rays and larger pelagic fish can appear. Swordfish or tuna and even dolphins you can see if you are lucky during the dive. There is much to see below the surface around the islands of French Polynesia. You will quickly fill your memory card and have many wonderful stories to tell your loved ones.

French Polynesia is probably the image of paradise. A life beyond reality. The fantastic diving and the opportunities to see large animals below the surface are just a complement to what is already close to perfect. This is truly a paradise both for you who dive or just want to have a wonderful holiday in the middle of nowhere Pacific.

Unfortunately, liveaboards in French Polynesia are not currently available. This as the operators who operated here have moved their vessels to other locations in the Pacific
We may be able to offer shore-based diving upon request but French Polynesia is not currently a destination we are actively working with. Contact us then we'll see what might be possible.

Diving trip to French Polynesia (Tahiti)

Travel information French Polynesia

  • Time zone: -10 GMT
  • Currency: French Polynesian Franc
  • Language: French
  • Water: Avoid drinking tap water and ice made from tap water. Drink bottled water instead
  • Visa: Not required for travelers from EU countries.
  • Health: Contact your local vaccination clinic for advice. 
  • Pressure chamber: There is a pressure chamber located on Tahiti. Treatment in chambers is an expensive story so make sure you have insurance that covers this.
  • Country code: +689
  • Electricity: Standard 110 volts and US electrical outlet. NOTE - this may vary between different hotels 
  • Weather: The climate is tropical. Average temperature in water and air is around 28 degrees. Rainy season between November and April. Dry period between May and October.
  • Current water temperature and average sea temperature per month
  • Clothing recommendations: So-called casual clothing is accepted on the boat and resort. Women should wear a slightly longer skirt or shorts when visiting the local villages.
  • Airport Tax: N/A

Photo credit: Aaron Wong and Worldwide Dive and Sail