Croatia at Mediterranean Seas coast offers beautiful and dramatic diving. The crystal clear water offers very good visibility. Here you can experience beautiful rock formations that the sun's rays can be seen shining on or through. Walls that go straight into the sea and are often covered with sponges and actually some coral.

Here there are lovely beaches, delicious food and beautiful national parks to experience on land. Many of the national parks are incredibly beautiful and there are several waterfalls to discover. The food is generally very good and typical Mediterranean food with lots of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. As a destination, Croatia is perfect for the whole family. The best time to dive in Croatia is the summer months when the temperature is pleasant both in the air and in the water.

The diving

When diving in Croatia and the Mediterranean, it is often the visibility that makes the diving amazing. However, Croatia has a relatively rich marine life with fish and invertebrates. Here you can also find corals, sponges and gorgonians that dress and color the awesome rock formations. Sometimes you actually see dolphins here too, not only from the dive boat but even while diving. It is a blessing to experience these little whales who always bring a smile to your face. Here in Croatia you will also find a lot of wrecks. Many are relatively deep, but even in shallow water there are several. You can dive here both from land and from live board. However, there is only one liveaboard that goes here, while there are plenty of diving centers.

The diving along Croatia's long coast is normally considered to be among the best in the Mediterranean and places like Crikvenica and Trogir are among the very best. It is easy to fly to Croatia and from the airport in Split to Trogir it only takes about half an hour. From Zagreb to Crikvenica it takes just over two hours. Your accommodation in Croatia can be done both in hotels and apartments. We recommend the apartments which is good and gives you complete freedom to come and go as you please. Apartments are available in all imaginable sizes and price ranges and are always close to the diving centers.

A summer or autumn holiday to Croatia is for those who don't want to travel so far and have the opportunity to extend the summer with some nice diving.

Travel information Croatia

  • Time zone: + 1 GMT in winter and + 2 GMT in summer (same as Sweden)
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna. In some places it is possible to pay with Euros, but Kuna is best. Exchange offices and banks are available in all cities and tourist resorts, an exchange fee is added. Most major international credit cards are accepted at major locations. ATMs are called the same in Croatia and can be found in all cities.
  • Language: Croatian but many also speak Italian or German. English skills are ok.
  • Water: Croatia's tap water is of good quality and drinkable, but can taste chlorine.
  • Visa: EU citizens do not need a visa to visit Croatia.
  • Health: No special vaccinations are needed before a trip to Croatia, but tetanus is always good to take. Check with your local health center for more recommendations.
  • Pressure chamber: Available in Pula, Split and Zagreb.
  • Country code: +385
  • Electricity: 220 v, no adapter needed.
  • Climate: Along the coast, it is a mild Mediterranean climate. Summer is dry and hot and winter is cooler with a little more rain.
  • Current water temperature and average sea temperature per month
  • Tipping: Service charge is often built into the price at restaurants, but it is still customary to tip. The easiest way is to round the price upwards or add 10%, this also applies to taxi journeys. €1-3/day for cleaning staff.