Diving trips Maldives combination

Combine your trip with two or more places

Diving trips Maldives combination. Imagine a week on one live board or a diving resort on your diving trip in the Maldives. It might feel a little too small when you go on such a long diving trip. Many people ask us if it is possible to do diving trips in the Maldives in combination with liveaboard or resort stays. Our answer is yes absolutely - glad you get more diving!! Diving trips to the Maldives combining two or more different locations are a great way to get a few extra days. You get the chance to experience a little more, dive a little more and a fantastic experience.

We have extensive experience in combining different options so that you get as smooth and good an experience and holiday as possible. Extend your diving trip with a few nice days in one resort. Or get closer to the locals and stay at one of them guesthouses that we can offer. Take a night in a hotel before going on the liveaboard or make a stop in another country along the way. Sri Lanka for example is appreciated by many. Then you can get in phase with time adjustment or to extend your travel experience. We arrange transfers, changes of places and possible flights and more so you have a complete package solution. Everything according to your own wishes and what is technically possible. To combine your diving trip with visits to a couple of three places or more is normally no problem to arrange.

Long experience of combination trips in the Maldives

We have worked for many years arranging different combinations of diving trips to the Maldiverana and tried what is the smoothest and makes the trip the best, as well as what is possible.

Contact us for your "combo" how you want your arrangement to the Maldives and we will be able to give you good suggestions for a wonderful experience. Email us directly here we will get back to you with suggestions or give us a call directly on 0301-221 00. Talk to us and we will tell you more. Welcome!