About the resorts

Staying at a resort in the Maldives is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind. You will instantly fall in love with the atmosphere and enjoy beautiful views, white sand between your toes and amazing food. Staying at the resort is perfect for couples, families and divers who want a more relaxed experience. Most resorts have great house reefs for divers and snorkelers. At some of the resorts there are also other activities such as golf and kayaking.

If you are traveling with your family or with a group consisting of both divers and non-divers, we recommend that you stay at a resort that offers many different activities besides diving, such as kayaking, volleyball, spa treatments, beach activities and various fun activities for children. Several of the resorts that have more than diving also have beautiful house reefs for both diving and snorkeling.

Do you prefer a really luxurious trip where you can only pamper yourself combined with really good diving? We have a wide range of resorts that are good for divers as well as divers and snorkelers as well as honeymooners or groups and families who want to travel together.

Get to the diving resorts in the Maldives

All international flights land in the city of Malé in the Maldives. At Malé Airport, you will be met in the arrivals hall by staff from your resort who will show you to your transfer. Some resorts have a boat that takes you to "your island" but to most of our resorts you get transfers via seaplane. A small private plane taking off and landing on the sea. A seaplane flight in the Maldives is an amazing experience in itself; the view from the plane is very beautiful. You fly over small atolls and islands that become an incredibly charming contrast to the clear sea. The seaplane then lands on the water in the immediate vicinity of your resort. If you have a lot of luggage, we recommend that you pack all your valuables and swimwear in your hand luggage, as your large luggage may be transported to the resort by boat and then arrive after you.

Both seaplanes and boats are taken out of service after dark, so if you arrive very late we recommend a hotel night in Malé for the first night. This is of course something we can help book. Most international flights take off from Malé relatively late in the evening, so should you have a lot of time to spend at the airport before your journey home, you can choose to head into Malé and explore the city, or take the free bus to Hulhule Hotel. At Hulhule Hotel, which is close to the airport, you can buy different day packages that give you access to the hotel's various facilities depending on space. We recommend booking these day rooms in advance together with your diving trip.