About land-based diving Gozo

  • A small island with a big and warm soul  
  • A fantastic underwater landscape that is ranked among the best in the world by many  
  • Perfect destination for those who want to explore a beautiful landscape on dive-free days with a mix of adventure, history and good food in a relaxed environment

The small island of Gozo belongs to Malta and has a total of about 52 km of coastline. The island is well known for its underwater topography and is considered by many to be one of the best diving spots in the world. But the small island offers a lot even above the surface. Gozo has a beautiful landscape with dramatic rock formations and quaint little villages. Here you can feel the history and culture and the island has a nice and relaxed atmosphere about it. Land-based diving here around Gozo is otherwise one of the big draws.

The summers are long, hot and dry, but the winter is rainy and often very windy. The water temperature in summer can reach 28 degrees and is at its coldest in March when it drops to 13-14 degrees. There is much more to do in Gozo than diving. The island is perfect for holidays, hiking, climbing and there are many historical places to visit. There is also the opportunity to go wine tasting or why not just relax and enjoy at one of the small nice restaurants in one of the island's small communities by the sea and soak up the nice atmosphere. There is thus a wide range of activities for non-diving days or for a non-diving travel party.

More about the diving

  • Beautiful drop-offs and cave structures  
  • The legendary Blue Hole dive site
  • Dramatic caves and fantastic views  

The island of Gozo is Malta's little sister and above all offers lovely drop-offs and cave structures. Here are legendary dive sites such as the Blue Hole, Inland Sea and Reqqa point. Between Malta and Gozo lies the smaller island of Comino, which complements the two larger islands with its beautiful caves and passages.  

Perhaps Gozo's most famous dive site is the Blue Hole and is located where the Azure Window once stood. You go down into a natural pool and continue out into the open water at a depth of approximately 8 meters. Here you come to dramatic cliffs that extend down to 50 meters and visibility is often very good. Another of Gozo's most famous dive sites is The Inland Sea – the dive starts in greenish water and after swimming through an 80m tunnel through the rock you emerge into crystal clear water in a stunning deep blue colour.

Reqqa Point is another well-known dive site that offers steep walls, great visibility and where Billinghurst Cave is one of the highlights. The cave is one of the largest in Malta/Gozo and extends 130 meters into the rock. The dive site is only accessible when the weather permits.