Land based diving Malta

  • Wrecks for both sport divers and technical divers 
  • Discover a fantastic culture, history and nature on land 
  • Dive in caves, soft coral, unique rock formations and great visibility 
  • Fantastic visibility in crystal clear water and with a rich marine life
  • Many interesting wrecks from the First and Second World Wars
  • The well-known Um el Faroud which offers a magical diving experience

The high season for land-based diving in Malta is during the summer months when both air and water temperatures are pleasant. Malta is well known for its good visibility of up to 50 meters as well as its caves, wrecks and beautiful rock formations.

The diving in Malta is European top class with visibility that often reaches 25-30 meters and with summer water temperatures of 25 degrees. The strategic location in the middle of Mediterranean Sea means that there are lots of wrecks here at Malta. They are from both World War I and World War II. Here are bombers, fighter transport ships, submarines, minesweepers and destroyers among many others.

Different types of diving and wrecks

The diving around the main island of Malta offers a mix of wrecks, caves and wall dives and there are dive sites for both beginners and technical divers. In addition to wrecks mainly from the First and Second World Wars, new wrecks are continuously sunk for divers - one example is the famous Um el Faroud, which offers fantastic diving experiences. It is a 120-meter-long, intact oil tanker that lies between 16 and 35 meters deep.  

One of Malta's most popular dive sites is Cirkewwa, which with its clear water, rich wildlife and many wrecks such as The Arch, The Madonna, Paradise Bay and Rozi has become a favorite spot for many divers. Ghar Lapsi is a dive site that has been praised by itself Jacques Cousteau. Here there is a magically beautiful cave and a fine reef with unusual marine life and here you can see, among other things, "torpedo rays" and barracudas. Wied iz-Zurrieq is a dive site that is well worth several dives. Here there is a good mix of steep walls and a shallow valley and at Bell Cave there are great opportunities to see John Doris. It is not uncommon to see dolphins and it is also here that the famous Um el Faroud wreck is located. A diving trip to Malta should perhaps be supplemented with a visit during the day and diving at Gozo. There is also good diving here.