About land-based diving Mexico

When it comes to land-based diving in Mexico, there are several places that offer exciting diving experiences. Perhaps the most famous of all places is Playa del Carmen. With its walls and cenotes and lovely beaches. It is widely regarded as one of the world's most diverse areas for divers. It is even possible to arrange trips to neighboring Belize from here.

The island of Cozumel was originally put on the world map of divers by the legend Jacques Cousteau. Thanks to its "drop offs", rich colors and astonishing formations and exciting marine life. A ferry ride from Playa del Carmen is all you need to reach this lovely island. When diving at Cozumel you get to enjoy all the amazing corals, tunnels and passages. We arrange and book so you have a full-day excursion to Cozumel and a day trip here is usually included as an important component in our diving packages. If you're lucky, you can see splendid toadfish that can only be found here.

Lots of exciting experiences

The whole area around the Yucatan Peninsula is like a big cheese. Here in the calcareous soil there are lots of tunnels and caves. They are commonly known as Cenotes and are today a popular destination for diving. Here in the Caribbean part of Mexico, you can also experience more specific and specialized programs. For example, snorkeling with whale sharks, manta rays, swordfish, crocodiles and bull sharks. All of these animals come to the coast outside of Mexico and a few other countries The Caribbean during certain parts of the year to feed on the abundant supply of fish, fish eggs or when the corals multiply. We can arrange all these tours, but there are different times of the year for different experiences.

Here in Mexico you will also find amazing food and a very rich history and culture. Pay a visit to the Mayan ruins found here or why not take a day of shopping to Valladolid as a complement to your diving trip and holiday. Land-based diving here in Mexico has a lot to offer and the possibilities to combine the experiences are many. Even the Mexican west coast can offer land-based diving in the Sea of ​​Cortez. You can also go there live board and experience really big animals like whales and different species of shark.