North Moluccas land-based diving

About land-based diving North Moluccas

Indonesia is such a large country and has an incredibly rich marine life and diving sites. With over 17 islands spread across a vast area around the equator, one can only imagine the wealth that lies beneath the surface of the sea in Indonesia. With its large area and many islands in the North Moluccas, fantastic diving is offered here. Many species are found only here and have not made it further east to Sulawesi or east to Papua Barat. Land-based diving in the North Moluccas is still in its infancy and there are only a few diving resorts here yet. It is also far to the nearest pressure chamber, which you should take into account. The southeast side of Halmahera has the opposite season to the rest of Indonesia and it is often windy and rainy May - September. Otherwise, the region has largely the same season as the rest of Indonesia with April - November as its prime months.

Diving in the northern Moluccas

The diving is easy where the resorts are located and the reefs are in very good condition and the visibility can vary from 5 meters up to a dizzying 60-70 meters. All depending on the dive site, weather and winds. The species richness is enormous and here you will find, among other things, an epaulette shark which is completely endemic to the North Moluccas. Walking sharks are common in this part of the world. But since they do not swim but rather move forward slowly on the bottom, they find it difficult to spread and soon develop into their own species. Here there are also lots of exciting macro life and also sharks, rays, tuna and turtles. Sometimes you get the lovely company of dolphins on the boat trip to the dive site.

Going to the North Moluccas is just as much an adventure just getting there as diving here. It is not uncommon for it to be off-road driving in forests and over pure rock surfaces and sometimes very steep slopes. For those who like adventure and good land-based diving, the North Moluccas is an absolutely fantastic destination and there are also liveaboard that goes here.