About land-based diving South Moluccas

Indonesia is an enormously large country and has an incredibly rich marine life and many diving sites. There are over 16 islands spread over a large area around the equator. Imagine the wealth that exists here under the surface of the sea. With its large area and many islands in the Southern Moluccas, fantastic diving is offered here. Many species are endemic and are therefore only found here. They have not managed to get further east to Sulawesi or east to Papua Barat. Land-based diving in the South Moluccas, or just the Moluccas as the southern region is now called, has many years under its belt as one of the world's most spectacular diving destinations.

Lots of dive sites

With all its small islands scattered right in the epicenter of the Coral Triangle, this is absolutely unparalleled diving on offer. From one of the world's perhaps top destinations for muck diving with Ambon at the forefront. But where you can also see schools of hammerhead sharks to the small island of Banda, far from everything, where large schools of sharks are still common.

Gunung Api is a tiny volcanic island in the middle of nowhere and here it drops to a depth of 4000 meters. Here is snake island - you probably understand what it offers. Cape Paperu with fabulous muck diving and corals in a nice mix and high standard.

These parts of the Moluccas have the opposite season to the rest of Indonesia and here it is often windy and usually rains mostly from May to September. But it is actually always possible to go here for good diving as there are always protected places.

The diving is varied and depending on which parts of the province you visit. It can be very current here at times, so experience or being prepared for strong currents is recommended. There is also lots of exciting macro life here, but also sharks, rays, tuna, turtles and very beautiful corals. Going for land-based diving to the South Moluccas is not that complicated as you can easily get to Ambon via one of the international airports. It is easy to combine Ambon with other exciting destinations in Indonesia and you can also dive here with one live board and on to norra Mouckerna or Raja Ampat