About land-based diving in Raja Ampat / Papua

Raja Ampat has a huge diversity of marine life and dive sites. With over 1500 islands spread over a vast area, one can only imagine the wealth that lies beneath the surface of the sea. This is considered one of the world's richest areas of marine diversity. There are also unique animal species here that cannot be found anywhere else. Here you experience environments taken from storybooks and dive sites that almost take your breath away. Papua Barat - West Papua - is the Indonesian part of New Guinea and offers absolutely unparalleled diving in many places. Read more about land-based diving in Raja Ampat at the various resorts.

The area in West Papua is huge, so there are probably more interesting and good diving spots to discover. Some of the most famous today are Raja Ampat, but Triton Bay and Misool also have fantastic diving to offer. Getting to these very remote places requires some planning and it's definitely recommended to make a stop or two along the way. Since there is a risk that your luggage will not arrive or your flight may be delayed, these stops are necessary. All areas here are enormously rich in fish and invertebrates. Here, the coral reefs are also fantastic in many places. Healthy thriving coral reefs that thrive in the flowing waters from Pacific down towards the Indian Ocean.

You are very far away from most things

You come to Misool by boat and it takes half a day to get there from the airport. To Raja Ampat it "only" takes a couple of hours by boat and to Triton Bay you need an extra domestic flight and a late transfer by car and boat. This means that you are far from most things and above all from pressure chambers which can be up to two days' travel away. It is therefore important to also think about how you dive in this very remote region of Indonesia. You're really into it far east in Southeast Asia when you go on holiday and diving trip here. Regardless of which part of Papua in Indonesia you travel to on your diving trip, you will have fantastic experiences with you home. Whether you stay at a dive resort or on board one live board then you will experience fantastic diving. Papua and Raja Ampat are truly a magnificent destination for diving trips.