The red sea

The diving and reefs of the Red Sea are widely celebrated and home to an astonishing diversity of marine life. Some of the big fish you can meet here are incredible. For example, manta rays, whale sharks, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, and fin sharks are some of the species that annually attract crowds of divers. In the Red Sea, in addition to the rich marine life, there are also fantastic and well-preserved wrecks. For example, the Thistlegorm from the Second World War, a wreck that is on many people's "must-experience" list. Thistlegorm is today one of the world's most famous and talked about wrecks. Here you will also find the wrecks at Abu Nuhas and several others well worth experiencing. Out at sea are several fantastic marine parks. Brothers Islands, Rocky Island, Zabargad, Daedalus and more.

Egypts rich history is reflected in the incredible beauty that hides beneath the waves of the Red Sea. Egypt's diving has something for everyone, from liveaboards and more luxurious resorts in Makadi Bay and Hurghada. Here you will also find simpler "dive camps" such as Marsa Shagra in southern Egypt. Tons of divers go here every year and experience the beauty of the coral sea we have closest in the world.
Don't miss combining the diving with a few pleasant and experience-rich days on land. The country has an enormous amount of history that is worth discovering.


As a diving destination Sudan legendary and often high on the list for many divers. The country is not entirely easy to get to and the most normal thing today is to go with a liveaboard from Egypt. You live very comfortably on board the boat which takes you on an adventure. Through the southern Egyptian and Sudanese Red Seas. There we find, for example, Sha'ab Rumi, who became famous through Cousteau's Conshelf II project in 1963. On the reef today you can see remnants of the accommodation and workstations from this time, which nowadays of course are covered by hard and soft corals. 


A vacation week in Jordan is perfect for those who want to combine diving with land activities such as Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and of course the mythical Petra. Jordan has so much to offer and a week diving trip to this part of the Red Sea is amazing and well worth discovering.

Saudi Arabia

A liveaboard i Saudi Arabia is among the most amazing things you can experience in the Red Sea. The diving is outstanding with amazing coral reefs and healthy thriving coral reefs. Lots of sharks and a diving trip here is for those who want to experience the best of the Red Sea. Farasan Banks or Seven sisters and Five corals at Yanbu offer you two completely different destinations depending on the time of year. Diving trips to Saudi Arabia are a very special diving trip and experience. Experience Saudi Arabia with a liveaboard and dive on the Red Sea's best coral reefs. Diving hardly gets any better in the Red Sea.