Scotland to the north of England is a very beautiful country with outstanding nature. Here there are moors, mountains, islands, fjords, dramatic coastline and lakes. Famous for golf, whisky, bagpipes, military tattoos, castles, wool and its Loch Ness monster. Few know that Scotland also has fantastic diving and there are over 4000 documented wrecks in Scotland. There is also very nice nature diving here with seaweed forests, lots of crustaceans and shellfish. Lots of fish, colorful echinoderms and also nudibranchs or nudibranchs. If you are lucky, you may see porpoises and several species of dolphins. Minke whales, killer whales and the huge basking shark are also seen here in various parts along the very long and broken coastline. 

Wreck diving in world class

As well as being one of the most picturesque areas in Scotland, Scapa Flow in Orkney is widely recognized as one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world. The biggest attraction in the waters around Scapa Flow is the German High Seas Fleet from the First World War. Here lie several warships embedded in the still green water since 1919. After the sinking of the ships which was carried out and ordered by Admiral Von Reuter. Three battleships, three light cruisers and a fast minesweeper. Several sites related to the subsidence are also located in this main area. Day trips by boat to the wrecks are offered and sometimes you even drive for several days in a row and convert the boat into a liveaboard.

Another lesser known area is the Shetland Islands off the mainland of Scotland where there are a number of wrecks from the First World War ready to be discovered. During parts of the year, you are offered a liveaboard here and can experience the wrecks here from a bygone era. 

Basking sharks and seals

In addition to Scapa Flow and the Shetland Islands in Scotland, it is also possible on the other side of the country to snorkel and dive with seals and the great basking shark. The world's second largest shark that normally comes here a few weeks a year to enjoy the rich algal bloom that attracts large amounts of plankton.

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