Scapa Flow Scotland

Scapa Flow in Scotland has been used as a safe harbor since Viking times. As a natural harbor along the broken coast, it offers ships shelter from the worst storms. This was also the case during the world wars. Back then, British ships sought protection not from storms but more from German submarines and air attacks.

Wreck diving in world class

As well as being one of the most scenic areas in Scotland, Scapa Flow is widely recognized as one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world. The biggest attraction in the waters around Scapa Flow is the German High Seas Fleet from the First World War. Here lie a number of warships embedded in the still green water since 1919. After the sinking of the ships which was carried out and ordered by Admiral Von Reuter. Three battleships, three light cruisers and a fast minesweeper. Several sites related to the subsidence are also located in this main area.

All the wrecks located here offer fantastic diving. The wrecks are today covered by marine life through the ravages of time. Algae, fungi and even some corals. Here you can see the ships' massive cannons, which are very well preserved. The wrecks have many details and it is possible to penetrate them in several places. You should have some experience swimming into wrecks to get the most out of a dive trip here to Scapa flow in Scotland. With all their details in such good condition, there is still something to experience on all these wrecks regardless of your experience.

Du live on land and go on day trips when you dive here. However, the boat used is large and of a high standard and can actually be used as live board also. Then you can reach additional dive sites and a few more wrecks that are a little too far from the coast for a day trip.