About land-based diving in the Solomon Islands

Diving in the Solomon Islands is spread over large areas. As it is a large island nation, all diving will be done in the immediate area. Not even one live board able to cover more than 10-15% of all dive sites in just over a week. This means that even if you get great experiences, you will only be able to experience a small part of land-based diving in the Solomon Islands. The diving resorts that exist all operate with small boats and some also offer land diving. You can experience many different types of diving and dive sites in the Solomon Islands. Historic World War II wrecks, steep coral walls and beautiful reefs. Here you can do stream diving through narrow passages between the islands. Here there are sandy bottoms, coral gardens and wall dives in a wonderful mix and also wrecks and caves. You can do both day and night dives and always with a rich marine diversity.

Rich and exciting marine life

The Solomon Islands are known to be rich in sharks and many different species are found here. You can see everything from small epaulet sharks and catsharks to real badasses like worthj, hammerhead shark, tiger shark and many more. Reef sharks are plentiful and are often seen patrolling the reefs. There is also the opportunity to experience dolphins, turtles, whales and different types of rays. Of course you will also see lots of fish and invertebrates. The coral reefs are generally very healthy and prosperous, but some places can unfortunately still look broken. It is mainly due to natural causes. It is winds and seas that have taken their toll on the reefs. Many sites have huge gorgonians (fan corals), whip corals, black corals and table corals and large sponges that cover the bottoms and provide hiding places for the very rich marine life.

Day trips by boat and house reef diving will give you fantastic experiences. No matter which part of the country you choose for your diving trip to these remote islands, it's an amazing experience. An equally great experience is to visit a local island and see how life here works. Amazing people with big smiles and the islands here are rich in culture.