Liveaboard in Solomon Islands

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For those of you who have dived and traveled a lot and want exciting diving trips and to a part of the world that not many people visit, the Solomon Islands, or the Solomon Islands as they are sometimes called, is a fantastic adventure. A liveaboard in the Solomon Islands is an experience that takes you to paradise. Getting to this remote part of the world that few visit takes a little planning. You will need one or a couple of night stopovers along the way. Australia is the most natural stop, but it is also possible to get here via Papua New Guinea.

The Solomon Islands have a rich history dating back to the Second World War and there are plenty of shipwrecks here. The Battle of Guadalcanal, for example, created several wrecks to dive on, but many lie at a depth of several thousand meters. The reefs are beautiful and teeming with marine life. A nice mix of larger fish and macro and very beautiful corals in many places. Manta rays congregate in some places and reef sharks are common. Some places can be very current, so we recommend getting used to diving in current water.

Visits to local villages are a must

For the cultural contribution, you usually make one or two stops on land and visit local villages on an island. A wonderful way to spice up your dive sale and the photo album. A liveaboard to the Solomon Islands is an adventure

For those of you who also want a few nice days on land in the Solomon Islands in connection with your diving trip and live board does it work well to combine. You can also make stops in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea or Brisbane in Australia. You can also supplement with a stop in Bali for a few days of relaxation and diving. Contact us for your wishes, we give a suggestion for your trip to the Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands) as well.