Gangga Island North Sulawesi in Indonesia

  • Close to all known diving areas in the region.
  • Varied diving with big and small
  • Paradise island with relaxation for both divers and non-divers

Gangga Island in North Sulawesi about 1½ hours by car and boat from Manado is a small beautiful island with white beaches. There is very good diving here and also close to the more famous Bangka Island. Also not far from Bunaken Marine park or Lembeh Straits. This makes it an ideal place for varied and rich diving and an amazing feeling of being on an island paradise.

Here you have full board and very good service, a spa for various treatments and massages, a wonderful white sandy beach that can easily compare with, for example, pictures from the Maldives. Gangga Island is not as well known as other destinations in this region but the fact is that it is perhaps the most beautiful place of all to be and a true tropical paradise.

For non-divers, there are good opportunities for day trips here. Visits to markets, jungle tours, volcano trekking, sun and bath, spa or just plain relaxation by the pool. There is also very good snorkeling here and for those who want to learn to dive, this is a fantastic place.

All pictures with © approval from Gangga Island Resort, Indonesia

Diving at Gangga Island and around

  • Fantastic destination for divers and non-divers alike
  • Possibility of diving at Bunaken Marine park. Lembeh Straits, Bangka Island
  • Combine diving with a sense of vacation and relaxation

The diving in this area is varied and the marine life is very rich. Everything from nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses and other macro life to whales, dolphins, dugongs and other large things that can appear out at the islands or on the way there. The water temperature is around 27-30 degrees all year round and there is something for everyone here. Wall diving, stream diving, muck diving, easier reef diving, occasional wrecks and opportunities to see different sized sharks that patrol these waters.

If you're lucky, you can see whales, dolphins, killer whales, dugongs and other large animals. Sometimes hammerhead sharks, large reef sharks and various rays are also seen. Reef sharks, barracudas and shoals of fish are common and turtles are also often seen here. The macro diving is fantastic at Lembeh Straits. For those of you who like wrecks, there are also some along the coast outside Manado.
Up here at the northern islands there are often currents and sometimes even really strong currents. It also brings a lot of fish and fantastically beautiful corals.

Term: Normally around 15-25 meters along the coast but up to 30-40 meters is not unusual. However, diving at Lembeh Straits rarely offers visibility above 10-15 meters and can drop further depending on currents and weather.

Weather: Northern Manado and Sulawesi have the most rain normally from mid-December to the end of February. Visibility can get significantly worse and it can also be quite windy up here in the more unprotected northern islands. Other parts of the year it is usually "normal tropical weather", i.e. occasional rain showers all year round and mostly in the afternoons, evenings and nights. The marine life is good all year round.