Lembeh Island and Lembeh Straits are located east of the city of Manado. In the strait between Lembeh and the main island of Sulawesi lies what is today one of the world's strangest, most famous and most powerful diving destinations. Diving here is absolutely wonderful diving and a diving trip here is almost a must for those of you who are avid photographers. If you like macro photography or want to see strange animals, this is one of the best places in the world. You can go here to Lembeh in the northern part of Sulawesi in Indonesia all year round. The diving is always good here and the marine life changes throughout the year. The area of ​​North Sulawesi is generally mountainous and covered in lush tropical greenery. 

Boat traffic in the strait from and to the city of Bitung is intense, and at first glance the bottoms in many places look like parts of the Baltic Sea. Here, the most desolate sand, mud and deep bottoms and the feeling "What am I doing here?" occurs easily. Certain times of the year also depart from here liveaboard.

An hour later, almost everyone comes up with a big smile and says it's absolutely amazing. There are occasional wrecks here, really good muck diving as I said but also small walls, slopes and the wildlife is very rich. Almost anything can turn up with luck, even whale sharks, manta rays etc are sometimes seen but that's not why you go here. This is the mecca of macro diving and probably the most famous place in the world for this type of diving.

  • Lembeh offers fantastic diving trips with muck diving and healthy thriving reefs, occasional wrecks
  • Diving with a focus on the small and strange
  • Lembeh is one of Indonesia's most famous dive sites and a paradise for UV photographers

For non-divers, there are good opportunities for day trips here. Visits to markets, jungle tours, volcano trekking, sun and bath, spa or just plain relaxation by the pool. There is also perfectly good snorkeling here. Contact us for your diving trip to Lembeh we will help you and of course you can combine with other places in the region or Indonesia.

The diving

  • Lembeh Straits is an excellent destination for divers and non-divers alike
  • Lembeh Straits - world famous for its macro diving and fine corals
  • Combine diving with day trips on land and relaxation

The diving in and around Lembeh is mainly known for its macro diving or muck diving. But here there are actually also wrecks and very nice coral reefs in some places. Here you will find a fantastic and strange marine life. Everything from crustaceans and nudibranchs to strange octopuses, frogfish, ghost needles and strange fish. All have adapted to this very special environment with mixed light or dark sand bottoms. The environment alternates with rock scree, walls and reefs with fantastic corals. The water temperature is around 27-30 degrees all year round and here you will find one of the world's most famous places for muck diving.

Term: Normally around 5-15 meters along the coast and up to 15-25 in the outer parts of the strait.

Weather: Lembeh Straits is sheltered behind high mountains and regardless of the time of year, the weather here is quite stable. Sulawesi has the most rain normally from mid-December to the end of February, but it does not affect this particular part of the island as much as it does on the western side of the island. Visibility is often quite limited due to the large amounts of sand and silt on the bottom of certain parts of the strait. The marine life is very good all year round.

Combine: For those who want to combine diving in Lembeh with other parts of Indonesia Contact Us then we will provide more information. Bunaken outside Manado is a perfect complement to for example or Bangka Island north of Sulawesi