South Africa

  • Discover the wonder of the Sardine Run during June and July
  • Sharks - White shark, tiger shark, mako shark, dusky shark, hammerhead shark, copperhead shark.......
  • Combine your diving holiday with a shore program

South Africa is an amazing country and a wonderful destination because it has so much to offer. Here you can experience everything from exciting diving to fantastic encounters with different shark species. Outside of Cape Town, you will find lots of wineries that you can visit and enjoy good wines. There is kite-surfing in Cape Town and perhaps it is best known for its safaris in the various national parks there Kruger is the most famous. There are many possibilities to combine a diving trip that suits your wishes.

Different types of diving

The country offers completely different types of diving depending on which part of this huge country you dive in. Exciting experiences such as white shark diving and blue shark diving out in the open sea. Stream dive with tiger sharks and sand tiger sharks on the east coast and then, as the icing on the cake, you can experience one of the world's greatest spectacles here - the sardine run! This is for you who are looking for action and pace. It's not just diving but more of a big and fantastic nature experience at sea and more focused on freediving. South Africa has a lot to offer both on land and under the surface and a country that can offer something for everyone.

From the apartheid era to the country's rebirth in the mid-90s, South Africa has come back and become a sought-after travel destination. Here you can meet "the big five" on your safari and there are no less ten* world heritage sites. The country is a world leader when it comes to the work of protecting landscapes and ecosystems and this contributes to making a trip here an unforgettable experience. South Africa gives you unique opportunities to create your dream trip! If you want to rent a car, it is possible to get along the coast and the very beautiful garden route, but we recommend having pre-booked transport as the traffic here is often tough.

* at the time of writing

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